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Snow Shoots…crazy beautiful.

Ok, I’m going to interup my consistant posting of shoots to confirm a thought you may have had.  A few of you out there might have thought (in all this wintry bliss), wow, I bet this would be beautiful in photos.  Answer = you are right.

Here are two sneak peaks to show how great this time of year is to schedule your shoots.  Everyone loves the fall leaves, and don’t get my wrong, they are beautiful, I love them too…but honestly, this snow is so amazing!  On, that note, it is metling today.  So if you would like to set up a session to play in the snow for an hour or two, email me and I’ll get you on the list for when the next round comes in!

*Yes, I am secretly hoping we are done…I am completely ready for spring.  It’s beautiful, but it sure is cold.

More of these shoots coming soon ;)

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