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Melissa & Travis | Wilmington Ohio Engagement Photography

Before this photo shoot, Melissa & I had an email relationship.  It was lovely, but of course, I was really excited to finally meet her in person! She’s even cuter and sweeter than I imagined…and that’s saying a lot…I can really get a sense of people in email :) She sent me a message last September and it simply said, “Hi, I would like to talk to you about wedding packages and engagement photos”, then some info on the wedding location. So I emailed back with my information and no more than a few hours later I had this response: “That’s sounds great! Your website sold me lol.”

I knew we would get along great. I love when people know what they want! We continued to email back and forth and had originally planned their engagement shoot in October.  After getting rained out, more than once, we just opted to wait till spring…who doesn’t love spring?! I am so thrilled we waited. There is something so sweet about these photos & I don’t think she could have picked a better time to do them…

Whenever Travis kisses Melissa she ends up on her tip toes…I just couldn’t help but capture that. It’s so sweet. They are getting a canvas wrap of this one and I think it’s the perfect choice!!

I just love the look of this field!

You’d never know it’s just a grassy area next to a parking lot…would you? ;)

Melissa & Travis…I can’t wait for your wedding in September…it’s going to be so wonderful!!

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