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2014 Senior Rep Photo Shoot — the video!!

I am so incredibly excited to finally share this with you!! This year was my first year having Senior Reps, and I went about the entire program a bit different than what is “normal” around here…and frankly…I think we pulled it off ;) I know my Reps had fun…and I, well, I had a blast! I am sure that it helped that I happened to have some of the best upcoming seniors apply for the program. I was only able to choose 10 of the applicants and it was so hard, but let me tell you…I picked one heck of an amazing group of kids.

Enough talking, I’ll do more of that when I post their photos! Here’s the video of my amazing, awesome, sweet, talented, rockin’ 2014 Senior Reps!!!

Cassidy Dawn Senior Reps 2014 from Cassidy Dawn Photography on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more photos from the shoot!! Lots more where that came from ;)

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