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Tyler & Friends…OSU | Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

I think this shoot was genius!! My sweet Aunt Dawn (yes, I am named after her) called me one day and said that she had an idea for Ty’s gift for graduating college. They thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot with his friends on campus. Seriously. Why on earth haven’t I thought of this?! So smart. I would LOVE to have photos of my college friends before we all parted ways.  I think these will be so great for them to have years down the road when they don’t get to see each other or even talk as much as they would like. It always happens sooner than you think.

Genius idea guys, I loved every minute of our shoot…well, except that Tyler has no idea of what “just over there” means. Come on Tyler. I went to Asbury…it’s a small campus ;)

My favorite shot of our shoot…

And of course, one of the man himself by the Business College…so proud of you!!!

Oh, and you know I had to make the whole family get together for a couple shots…Aunt Dawn made this into a huge (and by huge, I mean proportional to the wall) canvas for the living room, and it looks amazing!!

Oh, and yes, if you were wondering. Bree and I are the real twins of the family…not Whitney & I ;) Aside from the age difference, and the fact that she’s much prettier, we have been told more than once we look like twins. And I’m more than okay with that ;)

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