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Crawford Family | Ault Park, Cincinnati Ohio Family Photography

Last fall I met up with the too cute Crawford family in my favorite spot in Cincinnati, Ault Park! I love, love, love shooting there. Miss Ellie was 6 months old at the time, and we thought it was the perfect time to document them as a family.  We just met up again yesterday in Lexington to photograph them again…Miss Ellie is now 1 year old!! Here are a few of my favorites from our fall shoot…more from the next soon :)

My favorite:

The colors were so great that time of the year!

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Seiler Family | Columbus Ohio Family Photography

Last fall I met up with the adorable Seiler Family in Columbus. It was super chilly…I mean, really, really chilly…but Jude was a trooper and we had such a great shoot! I loved this family so much! Here are a few of my favorites from the day ;)

Might as well be a Gap Model…

Um…seriously cute family alert…

Future heart-breaker!

Here’s to a perfect weekend!!

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Fall Shoots – part 1 | Chillicothe Ohio Photography

Alrighty, so this is how it’s gonna be. I’m just going to pick a couple of my favorites from some of our fall shoots…it’s too much, I can’t wait to show you all the cuteness that I see on a regular basis…oh, and if I didn’t do it this way, I’d be blogging December weddings in July…and really, who wants that? No one, that’s who.

**Here’s hoping Justin (husband/English teacher) doesn’t read that last sentence. I am sure it would make him cringe for the rest of the year. Oh, and if you are reading…the 3 dots…are cute…I’m telling you ;)

Can you tell I’ve locked myself up for a few days since my trips? Okay…here we go!!

The Adorable Esker Family:

Baby Hoyt & family:

My neighbor, little James:

I challenge you to find a neighbor cuter than mine. Pretty sure I’ll win every single time.

Check back for part 2…and maybe 3… ;)

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Dean Family | Columbus Ohio Family Photography

I’m back! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to settle down at my desk and work…and it feels so good :) I love that I have a job that I miss when I’ve been gone!  While my office is still barely an office right now, it’s feels good regardless.  Imagining USA (photography conference) was so wonderful.  I met some great photographers, learned so many things & was able to see so many great new products that will soon be offerings here at CDP…yay!  Some changes will take place over time, and some immediately. On that note, all pricing will be changing over the next few days for 2010.  Print pricing on the ordering site will change early next week, and session/wedding fees have already changed.  This is something that happens every year, just a bit behind because of all the events that 2010 has brought in.  So in order to take advantage of the current print/product pricing, but sure to place your orders in the next day or two!

Now for some photos!  Here are a few of my favorites from a too cute family session back in October.  I photographed Stephanie’s sister’s wedding back in May and I was so excited to see them all again.  Aren’t they the sweetest?!

Look at the red trees we found…don’t you just love fall :)

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Scully Family | Columbus Ohio Family Photography

I can’t begin to tell you how much I was looking forward to this shoot.   Whitney and I had been emailing for some time before the shoot and I knew how much it meant to her.  She had the entire thing planned out, more than just outfits and a great location.  She had asked a total of 10 people to be involved because she wanted to record the love of this amazing family.  I was soo excited to meet everyone.

I had gotten to know them a little through their too cute blog, so I knew the boys would be so fun to chase around.  You can imagine my disappointment when our date arrived and it was full of rain & cold weather.  After many attempts to find another date that all 10 people could join in on, we settled for a chilly day that looked to be on the sunny one of the week.  Only the 4 of them could make it.

As soon as those cute boys were out of the car, they headed straight to the playground.  We stayed their for quite a while, letting the boys warm up to my camera.  I chased them around and photographed them playing and making leaf collections…it was the perfect shoot.  I am so happy with what we got, and I can’t wait to meet all the other amazing people at next years shoot.  I’m already praying for a sunny day :)

columbus ohio family photographer

columbus ohio family photographer

The classic family shot.  We worked really (really) hard for this one…columbus ohio family photographer

Definite favorite:columbus ohio family photographer

columbus ohio family photographer

columbus ohio family photographer

columbus ohio family photographer

Whitney wrote me the sweetest letter after our shoot.  It’s a letter that put a smile on my face when I received it…and it’s still there.  I am honored to be their photographer and I can’t wait for all of our future shoots :)

the letter:
Cassidy, we are in awe of your talent. Anyone can photograph poses and even some detail, but you capture emotions, moments and real memories. Thank you!
I couldn’t believe how easy your personality was (and is)! I had a glimpse into your schedule and knew you were insanely busy and overbooked. Yet, on the day of our shoot, you drove to us. You smiled easily and lived completely in the moment of our kids’ insanity around the park. I immediately felt like I’d known you for years–and we’d just met!
Anyone with even a cursory view of your life knows you love what you do. The great thing is that you’re also incredibly gifted, and we, your clients, get to benefit!
A friend (and one of your former clients) warned me that we’d walk away from our family photo shoot, thinking you hadn’t gotten any good images. In the midst of muddy knees and strong-willed toddlers, I was hoping for just one image! The fact that we got dozens of awesome photos blew me away!
As we look back on our experience with you, we have two recurring thoughts: 1. You don’t charge enough for all the time and talent you so selflessly give, and 2. We can’t wait establish a Cassidy Dawn Photography tradition!
We tell everyone about our fantastic experience with you! Thank you for sharing your gift!

-Whitney Scully

See what I mean?!  Have a wonderful Monday…I have some BIG news to share with you later this week :)

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