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Contest time!! – Free *Deluxe* Senior Shoot!!


New contest deadline is June 1st, 2011…get busy!!

Announcement time!!! May 18th (next week!) will be a big day around Cassidy Dawn Photography!!

We’ve been working long and hard for months (actually, almost a year!!) on the “Senior” division of the business!! I absolutely love photographing High School Seniors and it’s time to make that known. Sooo…the official launch day of our Senior division will be May 18th!! In order to get the word out, there will be a contest…because contests are always fun! It’s a facebook based contest, so you’ve got to be on facebook to win!

What will I win, you ask?

A deluxe senior shoot with your friends!! (bring up to 4 friends…bring your best friends, your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, bother…I don’t care! :)

this includes:

– A full shoot of YOU!

– An additional hour shoot (before, during, or after) with up to 4 of your friends.

– Location, clothing, make-up consult (of course, the last is more for the ladies).

– Our popular senior books for you & your friends (a custom designed book of your favorite images).

– All images for facebook.

– $200 print credit for you to order prints!

– $100 American Express gift card…I mean, you’ll need some clothes for the shoot, right?! ;)

*This is a $1000 value. No lie.

Okay, so, what do you need to do?!

1. Go to Cassidy Dawn Photography on Facebook & like us

2. Share our page on your page and tell everyone why they should like us. *make sure you @cassidydawnphotography (link to us in your status) when posting so we see that you’ve done it.

3. Email me, cassidy{at}, with why you should win (be creative…seriously creative, come on…it’s $1000! Think videos, heart wrenching stories…you get the idea ;)

4. Pass out our new *promos* (way cooler than promos, but I can’t give it away ;) to your Junior & Senior friends…your school and others…we’ll reveal these next week too!

This contest is focused towards but not limited to: All Ross Country Schools & surrounding counties, Mansfield Ohio Seniors, Columbus Ohio Seniors, Cincinnati Ohio Seniors, Maysville Ky Seniors…and so on…

A winner will be selected June 1st, 2011…so get moving!!!

*This offer is only valid for 2012 High School Seniors. Location will be a factor…I’m willing to drive, but it can’t be crazy…unless you cover travel ;) Winner will be based on creativity of entry.  Contest may be postponed on account of lack of interest….so get interested!

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Hannah & Madeline | Ohio Senior Photography

I love sisters. Maybe because I have two of the best ones you could ask for…but sister pictures mean the world to me. So when I found out that sweet Hannah & Madeline wanted to do their senior pictures together…I was game.

We met up mid November on a crazy rainy, rainy, rainy day. We did the shoot on the porch, in a barn, corn crib & even stepped out in the rain a few times.  Armed with a bag of random clothes & hats…we got to work.  These beautiful girls were up for anything and we had so much fun.  Hannah is studying at a college in Boston & Madeline is a senior in California.  The shoot took place at their Grandparents farm here in Bainbridge…here’s a little look into their shoot…

Sisters!! :)

Currently my #1 favorite photo I’ve ever taken (of a client).

Seniors…be on the look out, we’ve got some pretty great stuff coming your way ;)

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Grace – Senior ’11 | Mansfield Ohio Senior Photographer

I’m back!! Thought I was joking weren’t you…”Cassidy will never be able to consistently blog for more than a week”…well, proved you wrong ;)  I was so excited this Monday morning because it meant that it was time to share with you photos of Grace. On one of my “Mansfield trips”, I got together with Grace and her mom and we shot around town, then on their property.  It goes without saying…Grace is beautiful, but not only that she’s also a very talented dancer & plays guitar. I had so much fun with the two of them and I am so proud of these images. Not only because I love how they turned out, but I think they really capture who Grace is in this time in her life (well, from what I gathered from the 2 hours we spent together ;)


I LOVE this one. So much!!

A little outfit/location change…

Grace, you couldn’t be any more cute.

And because it was so hard to pick some for the blog…here’s the rest in slideshow form ;) Grace

We’ve still got more seniors to share…so keep checking in, senior week…err, senior weeks isn’t over yet! ;)

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Benjamin – Senior ’11 | Mansfield Ohio Senior Photographer

In October I headed back up to Mansfield for a couple more senior sessions. The first evening I met up with Ben.  I had photographed his brother 2 years ago, so I was really looking forward to seeing them all again!  Ben is a no fuss kind of guy, other than traveling between the two locations, this was probably my quickest shoot ever. Seriously, though, I didn’t need more time. This guy might as well be a model…he nailed it.

My favorite…

Oh, and these, I love these…

So it’s Friday, but I am definitely not done with Seniors…soo senior week will continue! I’ll be back on Monday with what may be my best shoot yet, I am so in love with it!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Rachel – Senior ’11 | Mansfield, Ohio Senior Photographer

I told you! Didn’t I promise Monday would be the start of my made-up “Senior Week” here on the blog?! I keep my promises. Like I mentioned before, I wanted to blog all these amazing seniors I’ve been photographing lately. If I waited until I was caught up on the blog, some of them wouldn’t be blogged until March (if I keep up with my slacking). Anyway, I thought a good way to catch up would be to post a new senior every day…until I am caught up!

So starting us off, meet Rachel! I have an amazing group of clients all the way up in Mansfield, Ohio. Every year, the group gets a little bigger and I am so grateful for that. They all are such great people and I am honored to photograph them! Rachel & I met up on her families’ property to do her senior photos. We had so much to work with and I am in love with so many of these…of course, when you are photographing someone so beautiful…well, you know.

LOVE these :)

Rachel, you are stunning!!

Look who came to join us at the end of the shoot. Yes, I wanted to take them both home…

Stay tuned…so many more seniors coming to the blog this week!!

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