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Sweet Miss Eisley Ray

It’s gonna be random for a while…but random is better than nothing, right?! I have been so excited to show you this session. It’s hands down one of my favorite sessions I’ve done. So many reasons: adorable family, the colors, the stye of their space…it all just came together, and I love it so much.

To be totally honest, for years newborn shoots made me more nervous than any other type of shoot I do. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why people said it was their favorite type of shoot. I would almost be sick with nervousness on my way each time. In the end, they always came out okay, but I always struggled with them. 2 years ago, I figured out why. I was trying so hard to do what everyone else was doing for newborn sessions (more setups, poses and whatnot). Once I finally figured out that I could approach newborn sessions the same way I do my other shoots, I instantly started loving them. Also important: my newborn session style is NOT for everyone. I understand that and I want others to know that. If you want that other look, let me know and I can refer to you some AMAZING photographers that can do just that…but know, it’s not how I approach them.

As you can see, parents are *very* involved in my shoots…so be prepared if you are looking to book with me. Also, I don’t shoot indoors often, but I always do on newborn shoots…I love to document your new family in the space you live…it’s part of why I love these shoots so much. Here’s a little look into my style of newborn shoots. Again, so many of these sessions to share, but that’s what not blogging for so long does ;) I love this little family…they are adorable, have great style…and to top it off…Johnny (the dad, obviously) has one of my top 2 favorite names of anyone I’ve personally met….Johnny Ropple. I mean, seriously…doesn’t that sound awesome?! I can’t put my finger on it…whether he could be a smooth 1950s heartthrob or an awesome comic book character or what…but something. Just say it out loud…Johnny Ropple.

*side note: I never told him that, so I have probably totally freaked him out now. Sorry Johnny, I just really like your name.

chillicothe ohio newborn photography

I am in love with Eisley’s nursery. I wanted to totally re-do ours after seeing it (I was due with Hayes about 2 weeks or so from when we did this shoot).chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography

See that one of the left there? Favorite. chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography chillicothe ohio newborn photography

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Layine Paige Ash | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photography

There isn’t any possible way I can sum up the way I feel about the Ash family in a blog post. Sorry, I just can’t do it. As you’ve probably read, Hayley & I have known each other since we were 4.  We met in “preschool Sunday school” and  other than my sisters, she is my oldest friend.  Do you know how amazing it is to watch one of your best friends get married & have babies…well, it’s amazing.

Early last year Justin & I were at the Ash home playing cards & Hayley kept knocking everything (and I mean everything) over. She casually mentioned that last time she was that clumsy was when she was pregnant with Sophie.  We all laughed about that, and continued our game.  When we got home Justin was just as clumsy…and he said, Hayley better be pregnant, cause if she isn’t, you are.

And here we are now. And I am happy about that on many levels ;)

I thought I should combine this post and just go from event to event…so get ready for some maternity pictures, hospital pictures & newborn pictures :)

The maternity shoot was actually pretty unplanned. I was in Columbus and had my camera, and Hayley had a feeling that Laynie wanted to make her arrival before our scheduled shoot.

Love these…

The minute Richard called me to let me know they were heading to the hospital I was putting on my shoes.  Of course I had to wait a couple hours till Justin got home from school…but I was so excited!  *and surprise…Laynie decided to come about 1 month early!

Love this too:

My favorite:

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