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Amanda, Nathan & baby!

I’m so excited to share this sweet little maternity shoot. I love photographing everyone, but there is something so sweet about a couple anticipating their first baby…I remember that time myself when pregnant with Hallie and it’s just a time mixed with excitement, nervousness and complete joy! Of course, those are feelings with all expected children (I had the same with my adorable Hayes), but the first…stepping into so many wonderful unknowns…it’s amazing.

Amanda and Nathan have decided to do the baby plan, which I am thrilled for as I get to watch them becomes parents and watch their sweet girl grow…it’s one of my favorite options we’ve got. This was just intended to be a mini shoot, but once I watched them interact and took a glance at the locations, I knew it would be a bit longer than just a mini. Here’s a little look at what we captured that warm summer evening :)

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Christie, Beckham & baby Chester

Happy Monday!! What? Too perky for this icy covered Monday morning? Sorry, but I wanted to share these sweet maternity photos with you all. I should start by saying…I love this girl. I’ve had the best time getting to know her & her family this past year while her son was on the “baby plan” (more on that soon), and as you can see, just as I hope all of my baby plan clients will do, she’s pregnant again, so I get another year with them! One of my favorite things about Christie (seriously, there are so many), she’s not wrapped up in the quantity of photos…just quality. We got together one afternoon, super low key and just knocked out a little mini session. Just enough to document this awesome time of her pregnancy & a few super sweet photos of her and Beckham.

Of course, as you have guessed it, her sweet baby arrived late fall, and I can’t wait to show you this awesome family of 4.

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Christa & Cory…and baby on the way!! | Columbus Ohio Maternity Photography

Well, I’ll admit it…I’m awful at blogging lately :) However, I’ve been shooting like crazy and I’m working hard to get these sessions up for everyone to see in time for the holidays…so I promise, I’ll be back at it one of these days!

Since this shoot, Christa & Cory had their sweet baby Girl, Reese…and we’ve even done a newborn session. I’ll share those too soon…but for now, here’s a look at some of their maternity photos! They are pros at photo shoots now that we’ve done their engagement, wedding, maternity & newborn.  I am just so honored that they keep asking me back :)

Also, keep in mind of the holiday deadlines for this year! All Christmas cards must be ordered by November 21st & all print orders must be ordered by November 28th…no exceptions!! So get working on those orders if you want them in time for Christmas!!

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Layine Paige Ash | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photography

There isn’t any possible way I can sum up the way I feel about the Ash family in a blog post. Sorry, I just can’t do it. As you’ve probably read, Hayley & I have known each other since we were 4.  We met in “preschool Sunday school” and  other than my sisters, she is my oldest friend.  Do you know how amazing it is to watch one of your best friends get married & have babies…well, it’s amazing.

Early last year Justin & I were at the Ash home playing cards & Hayley kept knocking everything (and I mean everything) over. She casually mentioned that last time she was that clumsy was when she was pregnant with Sophie.  We all laughed about that, and continued our game.  When we got home Justin was just as clumsy…and he said, Hayley better be pregnant, cause if she isn’t, you are.

And here we are now. And I am happy about that on many levels ;)

I thought I should combine this post and just go from event to event…so get ready for some maternity pictures, hospital pictures & newborn pictures :)

The maternity shoot was actually pretty unplanned. I was in Columbus and had my camera, and Hayley had a feeling that Laynie wanted to make her arrival before our scheduled shoot.

Love these…

The minute Richard called me to let me know they were heading to the hospital I was putting on my shoes.  Of course I had to wait a couple hours till Justin got home from school…but I was so excited!  *and surprise…Laynie decided to come about 1 month early!

Love this too:

My favorite:

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Heidi & Nathan + baby! | Chillicothe Ohio Photographer

In all honesty, I was completely petrified to do this shoot.  I didn’t tell Heidi that.

I love my job and the creativity that it allows me to have…however, on this day – I was thinking that a little cubicle would be nice…well, not really ;)  I’ve never photographed a maternity shoot, and frankly, I had no idea what I was going to do when it came to poses.  That is, until I got there.  After that, any photographer knows, it just happens…and when your subject looks like Heidi…your job’s not too hard at all!  I was really just nervous about posing and not making everything look the same and uncomfortable.  Heidi is so easy to photograph that I should have not even thought another thing about it…it all just happened, and we even tried a new look (outdoor backdrop)!

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chillicothe ohio maternity photographer

*disclamer…we liked the wrinkles…it’s more organic. no comments on my lack of ironing ;)

columbus ohio maternity photographer

You are so beautiful.

ohio portrait photographer

love this one.

chillicothe ohio photographer

columbus ohio maternity photographer

ohio maternity photographer

I love these images. Heidi, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph this amazing time in your life.  It means the world to me that I can keep coming back and witnessing such wonderful moments in your life.  Your wedding was beautiful, your little belly is adorable, and I can’t wait to meet & photograph precious baby Sharp.  Oh, and you would you just tell him/her to come already…I wanna meet them! ;)

Heidi is due any day…along with the 12 other beautiful pregnant ladies I know…seriously, I know a lot of babies on their way!

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