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Sweet Laynie | Columbus Ohio Family Photographer

I don’t know what on earth I could say about this family that I haven’t already said. Really, anyone that reads this blog even semi-regularly knows how much I love them. Really, really love them. So instead of saying all the same things over and over, I will just let you look at these sweet summer images celebrating the fact that little miss Laynie is 6 months old!! Well, she was in May, but hey, I’m catching up.

Hayley always does an awesome job with clothing…I swear I am going to hire her out to help anyone who wants it. They always look so put together without being too matchy…love it! 

This one just makes me laugh.

Sophie & Justin did a lot of bonding that day. Before that day, she was a little shy around him…but not here. They were best buddies and she even asked for these photos. How funny?!

My sweet photo friend whisked me off to Washington DC this week to help with a shoot, so I promise I am not ignoring any of those emails & print orders…reply’s are coming soon…I promise ;)

We have lots of fun shoots coming up in the next few weeks and of course lots more that I have yet to share, so keep coming back!!

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