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Hamman Family | Chillicothe Family Portrait Photography

I loved every little bit of this shoot.  When Leslie first sent me a message about setting up a shoot, I was so excited. There is just something about twins…maybe it’s because I’ve got one of my own, but I just feel so connected to them.  These two are as cute as they come. It’s so fun to watch them interact and help each other.  During the shoot Evelyn was helping Andrew up off the ground, Andrew shared his juice with Evelyn…it’s so great that they will grow up having a best friend right there with them through everything. *even though at some points they wont realize how great it is ;) right Whitney? haha!

Anyway…here are a few of my favorites!

Note to Justin: I want a photo just like this with our kiddos. Someday…far in the future.

I think this outfit change shows a bit of their personalities :)

They got a large canvas of this image for their living room…it looks so great!!

One of my favorites:

They were the Ambassador Family for this year’s March of Dimes. The twins were little miracles when they were born and I am so honored to photograph them as they get older! Can’t wait for our next shoot!!

We are heading out for yet another trip this week…so if you don’t hear from me right away, that’s why. I will have email with me, but I’ll also be near a beach…so you get the hint ;)

To be fair…it’s a business trip, just happens to be at the beach too. Photos to come soon!!

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