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Aaron & Annette | Ohio Engagement Photography

I made a promise to myself that I would work harder on blogging & keeping you all up to date on what we are photographing…so, here I am! I am reaching back into April for this one, but I just had to share one of my favorite couples!  Aaron & Annette are getting married this October and we met up in April to photograph their engagement photos.

I LOVE photographing my friends. You see, Aaron was one of my very best friends in high school and photographing him with Annette was so amazing.  Being able to see one of your best friends with the love of their life…well, it doesn’t get much better than that! These two are so perfect for each other and I can not wait to see them get married!!  Here are just a few of my favorites from this sweet, springtime session…

LOVE this one :)

Oh, and they also have this crazy cute pup…so of course, we had to get some photos…this one makes me smile :)

Congrats you two!! See you in October!!

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Samantha & Josh | Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Last October I met up with Samantha & Josh for their engagement photos. She picked one of the best days of the year…just perfect weather, and the leaves…well, you could say they were in their “prime”! The following are just a few of my favorites!

Samantha ordered a great canvas of the black & white below…it was stunning! Just so happens that is also one of my favorite images…ever.

Gotta love autumn in Ohio :)

So excited to photograph your wedding in October!!

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Eric & Elena | Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Last August, when it was still warm & green out, we met up with Eric & Elena for their engagement pictures. We ended up choosing my favorite location, and the light & weather that evening couldn’t have been more perfect. Oh, and did I mention they are gorgeous. Yeah, that too ;) Here’s a look at a few of my favorites from their session!

Elena, you are so stunning!

Justin’s “accident” that I shared before. Still love it!

The ones next to the water were extra special when I found out they were going to Greece on their honeymoon!

I love how great  Elena’s necklace looks with her outfit. She did a great job of adding that little extra touch!

We did this shoot much closer to the wedding then usual, so be checking back, because their wedding is coming up soon!

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Melissa & Travis | Wilmington Ohio Engagement Photography

Before this photo shoot, Melissa & I had an email relationship.  It was lovely, but of course, I was really excited to finally meet her in person! She’s even cuter and sweeter than I imagined…and that’s saying a lot…I can really get a sense of people in email :) She sent me a message last September and it simply said, “Hi, I would like to talk to you about wedding packages and engagement photos”, then some info on the wedding location. So I emailed back with my information and no more than a few hours later I had this response: “That’s sounds great! Your website sold me lol.”

I knew we would get along great. I love when people know what they want! We continued to email back and forth and had originally planned their engagement shoot in October.  After getting rained out, more than once, we just opted to wait till spring…who doesn’t love spring?! I am so thrilled we waited. There is something so sweet about these photos & I don’t think she could have picked a better time to do them…

Whenever Travis kisses Melissa she ends up on her tip toes…I just couldn’t help but capture that. It’s so sweet. They are getting a canvas wrap of this one and I think it’s the perfect choice!!

I just love the look of this field!

You’d never know it’s just a grassy area next to a parking lot…would you? ;)

Melissa & Travis…I can’t wait for your wedding in September…it’s going to be so wonderful!!

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Sam & Beth | Columbus Ohio Engagement Photography

You’ve heard me say it before, and I am going to say it again.  One of my favorite parts of my job (could be the favorite) is that so often my clients become my friends.  It’s as if God put me in this career so that I would meet particular people…because otherwise, how would our paths cross.  Sam & Beth are no exception.  Last year we all sat down to dinner to meet.  Beth was already set on me photographing her wedding, so the actual meeting was more of a dinner.  Before our drinks had even come, we clicked.  I can’t really explain it, but I knew we were meant to be friends.  Beth & I chatted about all things vintage (which is what their wedding will be like!) and Sam & Justin talked about farming.  Justin & Beth talked about musicals and books and Sam and I talked about TV ;)  Everything just clicked.

I couldn’t wait for the engagement shoot just so we would have the chance to hang out again.  We had such a wonderful time at her parents farm (which I am planning on moving in…seriously, it’s so great).  I couldn’t narrow it down a lot, but I tried, so here are a bunch of my favorites.

Love this image Justin caught…so perfect!

Beth, you are so beautiful.

You know I flipped out a little when I saw this old truck…

The image on the left was Sam’s idea! Oh, and the right…this is their driveway, and no, I am not kidding.

You two make me happy.

Because the last “action shot” (and I say that loosely, since I was laying on the ground) was such a big hit…here are a couple more. Sorry for posting this one Justin…it’s all I had :)

And no, I have no idea what I’m standing in.

Beth, I can’t wait for our get-together this Saturday!

*we are going to the Trading Post in Bainbridge (one of my favorite places), and then to Adena’s musical production of Seussical! *if you are looking for something to do this weekend…Seussical the Musical!  I’ll be there every night!  And then I get my husband back ;)

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