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The Fulton Twins | a sweet little mini shoot!

Well, it turns out…not a ton of people knew I did mini shoots at anytime! I have had SO many inquires & bookings for them since I blogged about them a couple weeks ago. I am so excited for all the new upcoming sessions I set up since then, we are gonna have so much fun! I do have a few restrictions on them, but we can chat about that if it’s something you are interested in!

Speaking of mini shoots…I wanted to share this sweet one I did in early June. If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for twins…being one myself. So I was over the moon when this momma contacted me about a 6 month shoot for her twin girls. We just did a mini, as to not wear them out and just get a few great shots of them at this age…which I think is the perfect commitment for little ones!

Also, I will be having another summer mini session day (with several in one afternoon, and a handful of files included)…my list is already larger than what I have room for, but if you’d like to get on the list for mini session days in future, message me so I can get your name down!

Alrighty, now on to these cuties! 001








Kara | 2016 Chillicothe High School Senior

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am gearing up for one of my first 2017 senior shoots for the year this evening, so it seemed like a good idea to share one of my 2016 seniors! I have so many of these I can’t wait to share, so I better get to it before we have a whole new crew to show off! On that note, I also just checked the calendar and found that I’ve only got 3 more evening shoots for July!! So, if you are an upcoming senior and wanted to get your shoot in before the craziness of school begins, let’s snag you one of those evenings…cause the light is just soo good :)  (that also goes for families too! so if you wanted a summer shoot before August…you know what to do!)

I did Kara’s shoot last August and I loved our evening together! Not only is she *gorgeous*, she’s so sweet and stylish! She wanted a “town” look, so we met up at the football field to knock out her cheer shots and then we walked around town for the rest…simple, easy…but so fun!! Kara, hope you are having a great summer before you head off to college!

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The sweetest little mini session … the Vitatœ Family and friends!

I was so excited when McKenzie contacted me about a mini shoot while their dear friends would be in from Spain. You see, McKenzie and her family were missionaries in Spain for a few years and while there, they met and bonded with this sweet couple. Not only were they coming to visit, it was their first trip to America! I love that she wanted to have that documented for them all to remember. We had such a fun time…but I think my favorite part was that I had my first ever interpreter! You see, they speak just a little English…and I speak even less Spanish, so there’s that. Now, of course if you know me, or had me photograph you…you might catch on that I can be a little…hmm, what’s the word…for lack of a better one…blonde. Who’s surprised that I asked how to say “fantastic” in Spanish? You guys. It’s fantástico.

*face palm*

Anyway, enjoy our little mini session…it was a perfect evening, with the sweetest people!











Oh, and a heads up, it seems people are just finding out about this…I offer mini sessions at any time. Yep. You don’t have to wait for a “mini session event” to have a mini session with me. My regular mini sessions are half the investment, half the time, but just as much fun (so ladies, if you are trying to convince that husband of yours for updated photos…this might be your ticket! 20 mins, that’s it!). They have been increasingly popular lately and I think it’s just that people didn’t know I offered them. So for the record, I do offer full sessions, mini sessions and mini session events. Just shoot me an email if you are interested in any of those, I’d love to chat to find out which type of session works best for you!


Seniors, I’ve got something for YOU!



It’s time to get something out. I’ve had countless messages, texts and calls this year about the “senior team” and I think I need to explain the route it’s all going this year.
There won’t be a team this year…well, there will, kind of…it’s something totally new, and I’ll explain that in a minute.

You see, the past 3 years I have developed a different way of having “Senior Reps” in our area…and it’s been amazing. I have truly loved every single senior that has been involved. The issue, you ask? Well, it’s grown bigger than I imagined…now, that’s not a bad thing, but it has unintentionally gone down a road that I wasn’t planning. The program was set up different than a typical senior rep program. In short, any senior in the Ross County area could apply, all seniors that agreed to book with me if chosen (a must) would be invited to a group interview. The group interview was conducted by myself and the current team…we would then decide what kids would represent my brand, get excited about the shoot and really “mesh” together. We didn’t choose “reps” in the typical sense that they would get a free shoot or products, or anything really. Of course, they would all end up receiving a bit of a discount on their shoots and orders, but it wasn’t presented with that…it was all about the experience of the big shoot and making some new friends and getting some crazy fun photos out of it.

Then the program grew. It grew fast. My goal was to really just celebrate these amazing seniors and their kind hearts and hardworking selves and just show that off. You know, celebrate the last 13 years! Well, there are so many more than 8 – 10 kids like that in the area…and *so* many were applying. That’s great, right? Just pick the ones that work well together and move on, right? Well, I can’t. I can’t tell kids that they aren’t good enough or they won’t jive with the theme or this that and the other…because the truth is, they all do. They would all be the most perfect choice! I know what you are thinking, it’s the same thing everyone has told me when I explain my problem with it…kids need to learn they don’t get everything. You can’t win it all.

I agree. Everyone needs to learn that…but the truth is, I don’t want to be the one handing out that lesson. I want my seniors to all feel loved and appreciated and amazing…because they are. I love keeping up with them and seeing what they are doing in college or their next steps and beyond…I am so proud of each and every one of the kids I’ve photographed.

So call me too emotional or whatever, but in the end…I have to go with my gut…and frankly, I just can’t choose anymore.

What does that mean for the 2017 class? Well, I won’t be doing my typical program…however, I will be doing something for ALL of my seniors this year. It’s not a big stylized shoot…but there will be a party, and free stuff, and photos and food…but you’ll have to stay tuned for that…well, and book with me, of course :) I want you ALL on my team.

If you have questions about it all, PLEASE contact me, I’d be happy to explain it all more. If you were counting on a discount or deal, let me know…you’d be surprised at the range of investment I have with my seniors…I work with everyone, really. There are so many different options for shoots, just message me to find out the options!

What about the 2016 Senior Team? I am not hiding those, I swear! We got overwhelmed with the end of the school year deadlines and it just was put off for too long. Plus, I had such reservations about what route I wanted to take this year, I think I was avoiding it all…I was scared to jump into another team while hurting people’s feelings…so, it’s coming, the photos are FINISHED! Just waiting on the video to be ready!

I really hope everyone understands where I am coming from…in the end, I want to celebrate YOU.




a summer of 4 & 2 || part 1

IMG_8285Confession time: the amount of times I pick up my own camera and photograph my own children…it’s sad. Honestly, the amount of times I’ve attempted to shoot them as I do my own clients…I could count those on one hand, and still have fingers left. Don’t get my wrong, they are probably the most “iPhone documented” children to ever walk the face of the earth. We have pictures. Tons of pictures. Pictures from every single day of their life. The thing is, I really want to give them (and myself) those images that require me to think a little more and try a little harder. The ones I spend my life creating for other families.

I am making an attempt this summer to help me fix that. You see, each summer brings along a whole host of projects. Whether they are exciting, or boring, or frankly, just need to happen, summer is our time! With Justin being a teacher, and my schedule being as flexible as I want it to be (within reason), we think of summer with endless possibilities. Then August hits and we look at each other blankly while our fun day adventures got pushed aside, the bathroom is *still* demolished (from 6 years ago when I got *too* into an idea) and I still am not caught up on work. It flys, ya’ll. It flys by.

While we still have our big and small goals for the summer, today I decided on a project that I am going to try my hardest to stick to. I’ll be challenging myself to pick up my camera and focus for 20-30 mins a week on really documenting them. It could be as simple as them playing on the playset in the yard (see below), or something during a family day trip…whatever it is, I want to have a collection of images by summer’s end that shows my kids at 4 & 2. It may go beyond summer, who knows, but it’s a small goal to make a big change.

So here’s to projects, and intention and one heck of a fun summer. A summer of 4 & 2.