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2015 Senior Team!

2015-03-13_0030Oh have mercy…where do I even begin?!

I’d like to introduce you all to my amazing 2015 Senior Team…they rock my socks off. You’ve seen a few of them, and I have several more to blog…but it’s time to get this video out, I can’t keep these photos hidden anymore!

This was my second year doing a Senior Program and I have loved every second of it! Bonus…I think they all had a pretty great time too. ;) Double bonus, we aren’t done yet!! We still have another shoot planned to wrap up the year…can’t wait for that!

This year, I did things a little different in a few ways…some good, some harder, but I am learning each year what works best and how to build such a fun program for everyone involved. The hardest part about this year…I did interviews. Yep. I had to meet all the juniors that applied before…and it was even more difficult to choose than I expected. So much so that I called in my 2014 crew to help with the decision. We had such a talented, smart, sweet, impressive (large) group of applicants and I almost chucked all my ideas out the window just so I could choose them all. It was so hard to narrow them down, and while I wish I could have picked everyone, I am confident that this group was meant to be. Everyone meshed and connected so well, and in the end, they’ve bonded…and that means more to me than anything.

Enough jabbering…you know how I have a tendency to do that. On to the video…then some photos (not all, I have way too many to share)…then a little info for all upcoming seniors!!! Yep, it’s time to start on the next crew!!

So without further ado…here is the Cassidy Dawn Senior Team of 2015!!! (*tip, click that little ‘HD’ button below ;)

2015 Senior Team from Cassidy Dawn Photography on Vimeo.


And now for some images!

2015-03-13_0013 2015-03-13_0014 2015-03-13_0015 2015-03-13_0016 2015-03-13_0001 2015-03-13_0002 2015-03-13_0003 2015-03-13_0004 2015-03-13_0005 2015-03-13_0006 2015-03-13_0007 2015-03-13_0008 2015-03-13_0009 2015-03-13_0010 2015-03-13_0011 2015-03-13_0012 2015-03-13_0021 2015-03-13_0022 2015-03-13_0023 2015-03-13_0024 2015-03-13_0025 2015-03-13_0026 2015-03-13_0027 2015-03-13_0028 2015-03-13_0029


Sooo, current Juniors, look like a good time? Well, it’s your turn!! Applications for this year’s team is now live!

This year I am combining my past 2 programs, so you’ll have the option of sending referrals for credit/products…or, you can simply be a part of the senior team without worrying about referrals. For more details on this, just email me: and you’ll get an information sheet on the details of how, why and what we will do!
If chosen, you will make friends from different schools, be a part of a full-day editorial photo shoot with complete hair, makeup, wardrobe consultation & yummy food…because, what would a full day shoot be without yummy food! You will also receive discounts for your own personal senior session with Cassidy Dawn!
Requirements (because we have to have a few)
– must be a 2016 senior
– must book your personal senior session with Cassidy Dawn
– have fun & make friends…
Yep! That simple. It’s pure fun & we are so excited to get started!

What are you waiting for…go!

How do I apply? Fill out an application here: 2016 Senior Team Application

Is there a deadline? Sure is, March 31st!

How will I know if you’ve picked me? You’ll know…promise :)

What’s the criteria for being selected? outgoing, spunk, originality, kindness (we believe in kindness :)

Do I have to be photogenic? If you think you aren’t…I’ll disagree. I believe *everyone* is photogenic…and I promise you’ll love your photos!

When will the shoot take place?

Who should apply? 2016 Seniors (if you are a Junior now…you ;) *online schools/students aren’t eligible.

Are there a limited number of spots? Sure are!! We will only be selecting a very limited number of team members…so get those applications in! Both girls & guys are encouraged to apply.

Requirements: If chosen, you must book your personal senior shoot with Cassidy Dawn Photography. (I will send along all pricing information after you submit your application, you will then have the option of continuing with the process or pulling out if necessary).

Alrighty, how’s that for a blog post ;) Get moving Juniors…I can’t wait to meet you!!

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2 seasons for Darby! | Logan Elm High School Senior

Today seems like an appropriate day to share one of these snow mini shoots I’ve had lately! Darby wins for my coldest shoot…ever! I think it was around 10 degrees that day, with a wind chill of way less…so a mini shoot it was! However, she totally rocked it and even did most of it slipping her coat off for shots (her idea, not mine…looks great, but I wouldn’t have asked!) She’s a trooper and I am so glad we all braved the cold that day, I really love what we captured! senior snow shoot senior snow shoot senior snow shoot senior snow shoot senior snow shoot senior snow shoot

We had her full shoot last fall and I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was h-o-t! Haha! We had both extremes for her shoots. Regardless of temperature…Darby knows how to nail her shots! fall senior shoot ohio fall senior shoot ohio fall senior shoot ohio fall senior shoot ohio fall senior shoot ohio

Oh, summer light…I miss you so!!! fall senior shoot ohio fall senior shoot ohio fall senior shoot ohio fall senior shoot ohio fall senior shoot ohio


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2015 Senior Team Member : Amanda // Chillicothe High School Senior

These seniors I tell you, they impress me everyday. I’ve got a big write up about why I love photographing seniors so much coming up soon…but for now, let me just say…these “kids”, they are amazing. Amanda is nothing short of that. She’s as smart & sweet as she is gorgeous! I am thrilled that she is part of my Senior Team this year…and I can’t wait to show off the images from our first shoot (yes, I said first ;). I’ll give you a hint, her hair in that shoot – one of my favorite parts of the entire thing!

We met up one fall afternoon/evening and just walked around town & a close by “country” location and looked for great light & chatted. That’s about the extent of my shoots…we have a blast. Low key and relaxed. I love learning about them and hearing of the exciting plans they have coming up soon. What an amazing time of their lives, I am just honored to have the tiniest part in their senior year. Here’s a handful of my favorite images from our shoot!

chillicothe ohio senior photo chillicothe ohio senior photo chillicothe ohio senior photo chillicothe ohio senior photo

Can’t beat that light…oh, I miss it so much. So. Over. Winter.

chillicothe ohio senior photo chillicothe ohio senior photo chillicothe ohio senior photo

Love this one. You can just *see* how sweet she is with that smile of hers! chillicothe ohio senior photo chillicothe ohio senior photo


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2015 Senior Team Member : Savannah // Chillicothe High School Senior

When I was around 10, I begged and begged my mom to let me dye my hair black…you know, so I would look Hawaiian. I mean, that would do the trick, right? I swore when I turned 18, I’d do it myself…thankfully, I grew out of that idea, because I think we can all just visualize how not great I would look with black hair. My newest hair color obsession…red. Oh my, it’s so, so good. Thankfully, and strangely, my son has red hair…so he’s fulfilling my need for it in my life and I still get to see it every day. The point of this story…well, holy amazing hair, Savannah.

My first shoot with her was rained out…while we were shooting. This is something we can usually avoid and typically we know ahead of time it’s going to be cancelled, however this storm surprised us. I was only about 30% frustrated because it only meant that I got more time with Savannah! This girl was so much fun to photograph. She’s such a natural and just as sweet as she looks. I am so honored that she is one of my team members this year!

chillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio senior

We saw this sucker and flipped out. I mean, I assume it’s a lawn roller or something, but whatever it was…I knew we were going to use it. Look at that detail!


chillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio senior



chillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio seniorchillicothe ohio senior

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2015 Senior Team Member : Kassadee // Unioto High Senior

I think it’s time to start blogging some of my seniors! First up, one of my amazing Team Members, Kassadee! Don’t worry, I told her mom that she spelled her name wrong ;) Just kidding…well, I mean, I told her…but it was a joke, promise!

I had a BLAST on this shoot…but after you see the photos, you will know why.  Not only is she super sweet, super photogenic & super…uh, gorgeous, she wanted something a bit different than the usual. Ask, and you shall receive :) Don’t get my wrong, I think we have some amazing locations in Chillicothe (and the area)…but shooting shoot after shoot, no matter the variety we have…sometimes it’s nice to throw in something a little new. Plus, she loves a bigger city and that’s what your senior pictures should be…what YOU love! So off to the Arena District we went! We did the entire shoot in about a 3 block span, and let me tell you…we only stopped because we were out of light. I could have photographed her in that location for hours.
*seniors…there is not an extra travel fee for Columbus shoots…just a heads up ;)

columbus ohio senior photographer columbus ohio senior photographer columbus ohio senior photographer  arch park senior picturescolumbus ohio senior photographer columbus ohio senior photographer columbus ohio senior photographer columbus ohio senior photographer arch park senior pictures arena district senior photos arena district senior photos arch park senior pictures arch park senior pictures arch park senior pictures

2016 Seniors…we are already starting to book sessions…so, if you want a session with CDP this year (no matter what season), contact me know so we can start the conversation and get you penciled into the season you want (they will book up fast)!

Unlike last year (because of my maternity leave), we will be booking all summer long, so yay!

Also, if you are interested in being a Team Member this year…keep an eye out, more information on that soon!





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