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Meg & Mike | Southern Ohio Photography


Other than family, I have 3 best friends. I don’t mean great friends, I have LOTS of those, but true *best* friends. I realize this is rare, and I treasure it.  They are amazing and all so different. Hayley was my first, we met when I was 4 at church…I blog about her adorable family often.  I met Allison in college…actually she was my roommate, and quickly became my long lost sister (after about 2 days, haha). I don’t seem to have any posts about her (which is weird, and I will fix that)…but, she lives in Naples, Florida…so we have a very healthy phone relationship :) The other is Meg.

Meg & I met in High School. It’s actually a really funny story. Not sure if she knows this, but I was 16 or 17, I was on a spiritual church retreat, Chrysalis. She was there and I just thought she was soo cool and I wanted to be her friend (it sounds funny when typed out, but that’s what I remember thinking). Well after a few months of going to discipleship & gatherings together we starting talking & hanging out a little…then prom was coming up.  You see…I had a crush on her best friend (yep…that would be Justin ;). Well, I needed a date for prom and so Meg set it up for me.  Our Junior Prom at Paint Valley was so great…I went with Justin, Meg & her boyfriend at the time…also happened to be my first “date” with my now amazing husband. If it wasn’t for her…I wouldn’t have met him so early…actually we probably wouldn’t have met until college (that’s another story…but a great one at that ;)

*I actually just tried to find a photo of us from prom, however, it seems that was before this digital age…and I figured she’d kill me ;)

From Junior year prom to after we left for college we were inseparable…really, anytime out of school…we were together. It’s funny, because I never thought about the timeline until I now, and that 1.5 to 2 years seemed so much longer.  Years longer, actually.  When I think about high school, the first thing I think about is spending time with them…which is really funny because we didn’t even go to the same school.

We are older now, and Meg has since moved away (which I am still having trouble dealing with) and just happened to meet the man of her dreams! Meg & Mike did the crazy romantic thing and ran off to Vegas to elope!! So of course, since I wasn’t able to photograph the wedding…we HAD to do a shoot. I mean, seriously!

So here’s my best friend…and her husband!!

Did I mention she is gorgeous? Cause she is.

Often times when shooting I have to deal with other people, cars, buildings I want to avoid…but this was definitely a first ;)

We had some visitors…

Ridiculously good looking couple:

THIS is Meg…and I love her :) And so does Mike…see it in his face ;)

Love you both :)

Oh, and if you are looking for something to do this weekend. Come on out to Adena High School to see their production of Cinderella! My sweet husband is the director and has put so much of his time & heart into this for the kids…it’s sure to be a great time :)

Friday & Saturday at 7:30 pm & Sunday at 3:00 pm! Hope to see you there!!!

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Senior Books & 5×7 Print Collections

I thought I’d take a minute to share a couple of our popular products. It’s been f-o-r-e-v-e-r since I’ve shared any products on the blog, so I thought I’d change that.  The “Senior Books” are becoming very popular and they are such a great way to have all of your favorite senior photos together…without having 40 frames throughout your house ;) We simply have you make a list of all of the photos you’d like to include in your book (can be all or just a few), and then create a custom designed album. If you’d like to see one in person before purchasing…just ask, we have a couple on hand!

Another popular option is the “Print Collection”. There are a two options for this product…you can get just the prints (5×7 Print Collection), or the prints along with the High Resolution Disc (Digital Print Collection). The following is the 5×7 Print Collection. It includes a custom designed box, holding every image from your session…this is perfect for those of you that still love to hold that print in your hand!

*the photos are actually of a 4×6 print collection…but you get the idea ;)

We’ve got lots of fun shoots still to share…by the way things are going, it looks like you’ll see the winter ones in May!  We’ll also be sharing many more products too, oh, and maybe a little look at our newest addition, Lindsay! She’s our new production/office assistant and we are soo thrilled to have her aboard!

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas Sale!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a gallery wrapped canvas…this is the week!  Whenever our canvas suppliers give discounts, we pass them on to you (it’s only fair)!  So from August 31 to September 7 any gallery wrap 24×24 and larger (you can pretty much get any size you can think of!) is 30% off! Contact me asap to get your order in, it’s just one week! chillicothe ohio photographer

I’m planning on ordering a B-I-G one for my office…now I need to make some space on the walls ;)

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Photo 101: Cropping

I’ve been wanting to do a few posts relating to a few aspects of photography education.  There are a few tips that I think everyone can benefit from, so we will be doing a “photo 101” every now and then…first subject: Cropping!

When you are ordering a print, you may not always realize that it could result in the loss of some of your image.  Usually this doesn’t matter, but depending on the image…it could make a big difference.  A plus to ordering through us is that we always size the photo ourselves so that way we have complete control over the cropping.  This isn’t always the case when you have them printed at your local convenience store.

For example, the image on the left is cropped to an 8×10 & the other is the entire image (as it would look as a 4×6 or 8×12)… Although the image on the left is still beautiful, we have lost the top where the trees come together…I just love those white trees against the blue sky, so I hate to see them cropped off.chillicothe ohio photographerThe following illustration gives you an idea of how much of the image is cropped off to achieve your desired size.  With this particular image, I would crop more off the bottom than the top…so there is a little more room above his head, but I thought this made more of a point :)  You may see now why I am not always a big fan of the 8×10 & 11×14…I don’t know why frame companies don’t just start enforcing an 8×12 or 10×15.

chillicothe ohio photographer

If you want a print that will show the entire image, the following sizes will result in a print without any of your image being trimmed off:  4×6, 6×9, 8×12, 10×15, 12×18, 16×24, 20×30

I hope you enjoyed this little “photo 101”, be on the lookout for more…next up, copyrights!

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i love Canvases!

I can’t believe that it is June!  I am in shock of the following things:

  • the year is flying by
  • my husband is home for the summer!
  • my May month of weddings is over…wow.

This past month I had a wedding every weekend…and it was amazing!  I absolutely loved every single wedding, and I am so happy that I get to remember them everyday while I edit the photos!  I am smiling all day long :)

Since it is now June, and Lindsay & Brian‘s wedding was last weekend, I can show you Lindsay’s gift to Brian.

chillicothe ohio wedding photography

I loved how it turned out…I wanted to keep it for my office, I just may have to get one for myself ;)

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