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Big News!!

That’s right!! We will be adding a little one to our family mid January!

To make it a little more exciting, my amazing twin sister, Whitney, is also due right around that date :) (we’ll have a date next week!) Yep…2 babies!  For those wondering: no, we didn’t plan it & yes it’s funny because we are twins.

Oh, wait…is that not enough for you…well, Justin’s sister, Jen, is also due on the 16th of January!

And no, I am not kidding…imagine the birthday parties we will have ;)

For those wondering, everything is going great! Our first clue was that I had been eating vegetables…which is weird…really weird.  We found out on May 15th, right after photographing a wedding…I was extra tired, and I ate the green beans in my vendor meal…something was up! So far I am doing well, other than being extra tired, nauseous most of the day & hating the idea of food…I’m great and I am really exited for the next phase in our lives…lots of wonderful changes to look forward to :)

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Happy Easter…a little belated.

For the past 2 years I have been posting the Sunrise from Easter Sunday (2009, 2010).  Unfortunately, this year, the clouds here in Ohio made it pretty difficult to see…however, I just happened to be in Florida yesterday morning.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Easter!

I’ll be posting a recap from our trip soon, but I think the camera went to school with Justin…so it will have to wait :)

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Maine, June 2010 – part 1

Please excuse the regular posting of seniors, families & weddings for a little personal work…I hope that’s okay.  Today I needed a break. Don’t get me wrong, I really have just about the best job someone could dream up.  However, I needed to work for my soul today…just for a bit.

In June this year, Justin & I had the amazing opportunity to go to Maine.  Maine became one of my favorite places on earth when I went years ago with my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins. We formed a bond, Maine and me. I promised I’d come back…I had to, it kept part of my heart.  So when the chance came up, we took about 5 mins to think about it, and left 2 weeks later. I was so excited to go back, and to show my love…my other love :)

Using the ever so popular cheesy phase, it was everything I remembered…actually more.  If we ever fall into serious money and dissappear…that’s where we will be.  We’ll be in Maine.

For some absolutely insane reason, I have failed to share our trip here on the blog. Instead of showing it all at once, I’m going to present it little by little. No particular schedule planned, just when my mind & my heart needs a little break. Frankly, this post would break a record if I did it all at once. I thought I would begin with a little glance at the small, amazing town we stayed in. Camden, Maine.

Here’s the little place that stole my heart…”where the mountains meet the ocean”  (taken atop Mt. Battie)

A few of the scenes from just walking around the streets.

The image on the left was taken at the public library, then the image on the right is the view from there. Justin was working on his Masters work while were there, so we spent a LOT of time in the libraries. One day there was a wedding on the lawn. That being said, any Maine brides…call me. Please.

The view from our place…

The first and last place I ordered Lobster.  I then ordered clam strips, and Justin had two lobsters ;)

Much more to come, another day.

Dear Kaye, my Maysville Momma. Thank you for making it all possible…I love you :)

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THE second shooter of CDP…

…also happens to be my amazing husband.

The man deserves a medal, and while I don’t have any direct line to medal manufactures, I thought the least I could do would be to write a blog post.  Not only is he an amazing High School English, Journalism, Drama, Public Speaking teacher, he is also currently working on his Masters (a one year intensive program).  So basically, he gets up early every morning, teaches all day, comes home and starts on his Masters while grading papers from school…I don’t know how he does it. However, it doesn’t stop there.  He also spends every wedding and the occasional shoot with me making beautiful images for my amazing clients.

I wanted to spend today showing you some of his amazing photographs…and yes, sometimes I get jealous. He’s just so good!

These are just some from recent shoots and weddings..most haven’t been shared yet! I have so many more, just wanted to grab a few of my recent favorites!

He said this one was a mistake, but it happens to be one of my favorite images ever.

Just a few in action :) He tests my light, moves shoes, makes babies smile and cleans off dresses…really?! That’s my guy :)

On this shoot, the little guy in this photo insisted on Justin being in their family photo, it was so funny!! Justin didn’t really say much the whole shoot, but he must have really liked him…loved it!

Justin, I love you!!!

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Happy 25th, to my love :)

Just wanted to hop on and give a public acknowledgement that the man of my dreams is 25 today!! We are having the best time in Maine. Currently, we are in yet another library working so Justin can do his class work (he’s working on his masters). What a dedicated student ;)  It’s a rainy day, so I am not giving him too much of a hard time…and I think he loves the rain – it’s giving us a reason to visit every bookstore around…and I can’t complain about it ;)

Here’s a few pictures of Mr. 25 himself…

Good ole’ self timer… (taken today)That’s more like it…

And a scenic shot, just for the fun of it.  Taken between Camden & Rockport.

I love you Justin.

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