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a summer of 4 & 2 || part 1

IMG_8285Confession time: the amount of times I pick up my own camera and photograph my own children…it’s sad. Honestly, the amount of times I’ve attempted to shoot them as I do my own clients…I could count those on one hand, and still have fingers left. Don’t get my wrong, they are probably the most “iPhone documented” children to ever walk the face of the earth. We have pictures. Tons of pictures. Pictures from every single day of their life. The thing is, I really want to give them (and myself) those images that require me to think a little more and try a little harder. The ones I spend my life creating for other families.

I am making an attempt this summer to help me fix that. You see, each summer brings along a whole host of projects. Whether they are exciting, or boring, or frankly, just need to happen, summer is our time! With Justin being a teacher, and my schedule being as flexible as I want it to be (within reason), we think of summer with endless possibilities. Then August hits and we look at each other blankly while our fun day adventures got pushed aside, the bathroom is *still* demolished (from 6 years ago when I got *too* into an idea) and I still am not caught up on work. It flys, ya’ll. It flys by.

While we still have our big and small goals for the summer, today I decided on a project that I am going to try my hardest to stick to. I’ll be challenging myself to pick up my camera and focus for 20-30 mins a week on really documenting them. It could be as simple as them playing on the playset in the yard (see below), or something during a family day trip…whatever it is, I want to have a collection of images by summer’s end that shows my kids at 4 & 2. It may go beyond summer, who knows, but it’s a small goal to make a big change.

So here’s to projects, and intention and one heck of a fun summer. A summer of 4 & 2.


















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Back from the beach!!

I’ve been back from the beach for a week, but I’ve been working so hard on getting all of our recent sessions done that I haven’t had a minute to pop on!

We had an amazing time and I am starting an official countdown for the next trip!! I haven’t even started going through the pictures because I am catching up on sessions…but here are two of my favorites that popped out while downloading :)

I’ll be back soon to share lots of great sessions!! We’ve been shooting daily for a couple weeks before vacation and since, so I’ve got lots to share :)

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Hallie – 3 months old

I know I’ve been missing and I promised I wouldn’t. Sorry! I’ll be posting some great shoots soon…but for now, here’s a picture of my little girl. 3 months old!!

I know you are asking, “how can you do anything but play with her all day”?  Well, now you can see why I have been missing lately ;)

However, we have our first wedding of 2012 this week and we are so excited to be back at it!!

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4 amazing years…

4 years ago today I married the most amazing man I know. I’m one very blessed girl.

Tonight we are assembling a crib…there is something really special about that.  Here’s to a new phase, that’s gonna be even better than the last (which happened to be the best years of my life).

Justin, I love you with all of my heart!!

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Happy Birthday Justin!!!

The man of my dreams is 26 years old today :) I love him so, so much!! Happy birthday my dear…I love you to the moon & back :)

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