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2016 Senior Team!!


What better time than July to finally post my 2016 Senior Team?! Haha!! So, as mentioned in the previous blog post…things got a little out of hand, so this is being reveled a bit later than planned…but even so, I am still so excited to share it! This was such a fun and awesome group we had and I hope they all love the photos as much as I do! Not only that, I hope it takes them all back to remember the fun day we had. I won’t lie…after watching Justin finish up the video, I was really kicking myself on my decision to go another route…only because it reminded me of how much fun it was!! However, I stand by it all for now, but maybe I’ll come up with something new and fun and different to have the best of both worlds!

The 2016 Senior Team members are:

Justice Clark, Elle Lamb, Cheyenne Leeth, Anthony McFadden, Maris Corzine, Nathaniel Lamb, Savannah Leeth, Madisyn Myers & Xena Stearos

I think everyone’s waited long enough…

the 2016 Senior Team!!



Now, of course, I can’t fit all of my favorite images in a 3 minute video…so here’s some more that I just had to share!! 001  002  003  004  005  006  007  008  009  010  011  012  013  014  015  016  017  018  019  020  021  022  023  024    026  027  028  029  030  031  032  033  034  035  036  037  038  039  040  041

And of course, nothing like this happens without the help of some amazing people! A big thank you to:

Hayley Ash – Hair Styling

Mary Moore – Makeup

Justin (my man) – filmed and edited the fantastic video :)

Highland Nature Sanctuary – this year we rented a house to get ready in…and it was beyond perfect!

Bryon & Molly Lloyd – saved the day and provided us with our last location

Courtney Lewis & Lindsay Schmidt – my right hand gals :)

Bob & Lori Reed – canoe!

Totem Supply Co – props

And of course my parents – thanks for watching our kids, so I can hang with these kids :)

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Seniors, I’ve got something for YOU!



It’s time to get something out. I’ve had countless messages, texts and calls this year about the “senior team” and I think I need to explain the route it’s all going this year.
There won’t be a team this year…well, there will, kind of…it’s something totally new, and I’ll explain that in a minute.

You see, the past 3 years I have developed a different way of having “Senior Reps” in our area…and it’s been amazing. I have truly loved every single senior that has been involved. The issue, you ask? Well, it’s grown bigger than I imagined…now, that’s not a bad thing, but it has unintentionally gone down a road that I wasn’t planning. The program was set up different than a typical senior rep program. In short, any senior in the Ross County area could apply, all seniors that agreed to book with me if chosen (a must) would be invited to a group interview. The group interview was conducted by myself and the current team…we would then decide what kids would represent my brand, get excited about the shoot and really “mesh” together. We didn’t choose “reps” in the typical sense that they would get a free shoot or products, or anything really. Of course, they would all end up receiving a bit of a discount on their shoots and orders, but it wasn’t presented with that…it was all about the experience of the big shoot and making some new friends and getting some crazy fun photos out of it.

Then the program grew. It grew fast. My goal was to really just celebrate these amazing seniors and their kind hearts and hardworking selves and just show that off. You know, celebrate the last 13 years! Well, there are so many more than 8 – 10 kids like that in the area…and *so* many were applying. That’s great, right? Just pick the ones that work well together and move on, right? Well, I can’t. I can’t tell kids that they aren’t good enough or they won’t jive with the theme or this that and the other…because the truth is, they all do. They would all be the most perfect choice! I know what you are thinking, it’s the same thing everyone has told me when I explain my problem with it…kids need to learn they don’t get everything. You can’t win it all.

I agree. Everyone needs to learn that…but the truth is, I don’t want to be the one handing out that lesson. I want my seniors to all feel loved and appreciated and amazing…because they are. I love keeping up with them and seeing what they are doing in college or their next steps and beyond…I am so proud of each and every one of the kids I’ve photographed.

So call me too emotional or whatever, but in the end…I have to go with my gut…and frankly, I just can’t choose anymore.

What does that mean for the 2017 class? Well, I won’t be doing my typical program…however, I will be doing something for ALL of my seniors this year. It’s not a big stylized shoot…but there will be a party, and free stuff, and photos and food…but you’ll have to stay tuned for that…well, and book with me, of course :) I want you ALL on my team.

If you have questions about it all, PLEASE contact me, I’d be happy to explain it all more. If you were counting on a discount or deal, let me know…you’d be surprised at the range of investment I have with my seniors…I work with everyone, really. There are so many different options for shoots, just message me to find out the options!

What about the 2016 Senior Team? I am not hiding those, I swear! We got overwhelmed with the end of the school year deadlines and it just was put off for too long. Plus, I had such reservations about what route I wanted to take this year, I think I was avoiding it all…I was scared to jump into another team while hurting people’s feelings…so, it’s coming, the photos are FINISHED! Just waiting on the video to be ready!

I really hope everyone understands where I am coming from…in the end, I want to celebrate YOU.




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Estella Louise

There is a new little lady in my life, and I want you all to meet her! This little darling is my newest little niece, Estella Louise, and I am in love! I think I need to work on my persuasive skills, because I need to convince all of my sisters (both by blood and by marriage) to keep having babies so I can have more and more of these little nuggets to love on!

Little Miss Estella and her parents just moved this past weekend to a new home and while I am sure we will get some sweet photos in their new place, it made me so happy to document them in this one before the big move. There is something really sweet about seeing the home you’ve lived in so long as a couple become littered with baby gear and gifts and supplies. I know they were only there for a handful of weeks with her, but I hope these photos help them remember the time they spent in that home. I wish Justin and I had more photographs of all of the homes we’ve had…all 5 of them! I know, we moved a lot there at the beginning…but each one had so many great memories and thinking back at each one always makes me smile.

Enough of the sentiments, go take a peek at my newest little gal!





















Someone wanted so badly to be in some pictures…and since she doesn’t typically have those feelings, I couldn’t say no. Now we have some really sweet photos of Hallie and Estella and I know they will both treasure one day.


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Mini Sessions!!

UPDATE: All spots are booked :) blog

It’s true! I’m hosting my first ever day of mini sessions! I am super excited about it and I can’t wait to see everyone that signs up :) This wont be your typical mini session…no props or themes…it’s all about you and your family and showing the sweet love you all have for each other. I did happen to post something on facebook to see if there would be any interest and I had an overwhelming response…so while I would LOVE to make it happen for everyone, I wont be able to fit everyone in this year. Due to the “last minuteness of it all”, I only have one available day that I can make it happen and still have the photos returned within a decent time to make those Christmas cards.  SO…as much as I would love to meet tons of new people, this might not be the best session for that. All previous clients of mine will get priority. Doesn’t matter if I haven’t photographed you in years…if you’ve booked me for a shoot or wedding before, you’ll be contacted first. That’s not to say I wont take anyone new after all previous clients are booked, so if you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I have a limited number of spots, so email or message me soon to secure your time!


Date: Sunday, November 29th

Cost: $100.00

Location: TBD…will be either Chillicothe or Bainbridge area – contact me if one of those could be an issue


  • 15 mins (short and sweet, just enough time to get a handful of great updated family shots)
  • at least 5 digital files (you’ll probably end up with more…)
  • a discount on cards ordered through me
    • (you’d just pick a template and pictures and it would be worked up within the week – this is not required, you can use your photo files on another site)

Available times:

12:00 pm –  reserved

12:30 pm –  reserved

1:00 pm –  reserved

1:30 pm –  reserved

2:00 pm –  reserved

2:30 pm –  reserved

3:00 pm – reserved

3:30 pm –  reserved

4:00 pm –  reserved

If you are interested, just email me ( or message me on facebook! It’s gonna be a great day…now everyone cross those fingers for no rain ;)

*I’d like to keep each session to immediate family…so if you were hoping to add extended family members, please contact me first.


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Why family photos really are important. Meet the Givens Family.

029So often I hear people say, “we haven’t had family photos in 10 years” or something to that nature, it’s so common…and I get it. Life gets so busy. It does for me too. If it weren’t for a brilliant idea from my dear friend, I would actually probably be in the same boat (I shoot her family each year and she shoots mine). Kids pull you in so many different directions, whether they are toddlers or teenagers…it’s hard to manage another life in addition to your own…so adding extra things to the schedule can seem so daunting. Years pass and the last professional photo you have as a family together is the church directory photo with the kids in neon and teased bangs (oh wait…was that just us ;)

My point: Take the time.

This is my twin sister…she actually doesn’t have that issue because I am a rockin’ sister that updates her family photo each year for those cute Christmas cards…however, a real shoot…one that captures them as a family, where they live, how they interact…we’ve never done that.
Then, Father’s Day happened…the scariest day of my life. We were at my in laws house getting ready for lunch and I received a phone call, “something is wrong with Damon”, and my world stopped. We left the kids with Justin’s family and jumped in the car and headed straight for Dayton. You see, Damon had passed out while mowing and I wont go into detail of everything he went through or what all happened, I will say it was the worst few days of my life, I’ll also also say my sister and nephew are heroes. Absolute heroes.

You know those stories you hear about but never think they could happen to someone you love…well, it was happening to us and I wasn’t prepared. How could you be? I remember that early on while we were waiting for news in the ER, Whitney turned to me and asked for a family shoot when they got home.  You see, at this point…the doctors weren’t hinting that going home would necessarily be an option. We, as his family, knew it would be…and I told her I was already planning on that.

I pray no one has to have an experience like we had to really encourage you to update those photos…but please, remember, that while it might seem like an unnecessary event to add to the calendar, tangible memories that represent who you are and who your family is at this point in your life is such a precious gift to yourself and to your kids and to their future.

Meet Whitney, Damon & Henry…the most amazing, heroic people I know.

003 007 008 015 016 019 025 028

On another note, I am heading on vacation with my entire family — we have a LOT to celebrate — in the morning, so email and phone calls will be pretty rare for the next week…but I’ll be back August 11th and I’ll be in touch then :)


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