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2016 Senior Team!!


What better time than July to finally post my 2016 Senior Team?! Haha!! So, as mentioned in the previous blog post…things got a little out of hand, so this is being reveled a bit later than planned…but even so, I am still so excited to share it! This was such a fun and awesome group we had and I hope they all love the photos as much as I do! Not only that, I hope it takes them all back to remember the fun day we had. I won’t lie…after watching Justin finish up the video, I was really kicking myself on my decision to go another route…only because it reminded me of how much fun it was!! However, I stand by it all for now, but maybe I’ll come up with something new and fun and different to have the best of both worlds!

The 2016 Senior Team members are:

Justice Clark, Elle Lamb, Cheyenne Leeth, Anthony McFadden, Maris Corzine, Nathaniel Lamb, Savannah Leeth, Madisyn Myers & Xena Stearos

I think everyone’s waited long enough…

the 2016 Senior Team!!



Now, of course, I can’t fit all of my favorite images in a 3 minute video…so here’s some more that I just had to share!! 001   002   003   004   005   006   007   008   009   010   011   012   013   014   015   016   017   018   019   020   021   022   023   024     026   027   028   029   030   031   032   033   034   035   036   037   038   039   040   041

And of course, nothing like this happens without the help of some amazing people! A big thank you to:

Hayley Ash – Hair Styling

Mary Moore – Makeup

Justin (my man) – filmed and edited the fantastic video :)

Highland Nature Sanctuary – this year we rented a house to get ready in…and it was beyond perfect!

Bryon & Molly Lloyd – saved the day and provided us with our last location

Courtney Lewis & Lindsay Schmidt – my right hand gals :)

Bob & Lori Reed – canoe!

Totem Supply Co – props

And of course my parents – thanks for watching our kids, so I can hang with these kids :)