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Why family photos really are important. Meet the Givens Family.

029 So often I hear people say, “we haven’t had family photos in 10 years” or something to that nature, it’s so common…and I get it. Life gets so busy. It does for me too. If it weren’t for a brilliant idea from my dear friend, I would actually probably be in the same boat (I shoot her family each year and she shoots mine). Kids pull you in so many different directions, whether they are toddlers or teenagers…it’s hard to manage another life in addition to your own…so adding extra things to the schedule can seem so daunting. Years pass and the last professional photo you have as a family together is the church directory photo with the kids in neon and teased bangs (oh wait…was that just us ;)

My point: Take the time.

This is my twin sister…she actually doesn’t have that issue because I am a rockin’ sister that updates her family photo each year for those cute Christmas cards…however, a real shoot…one that captures them as a family, where they live, how they interact…we’ve never done that.
Then, Father’s Day happened…the scariest day of my life. We were at my in laws house getting ready for lunch and I received a phone call, “something is wrong with Damon”, and my world stopped. We left the kids with Justin’s family and jumped in the car and headed straight for Dayton. You see, Damon had passed out while mowing and I wont go into detail of everything he went through or what all happened, I will say it was the worst few days of my life, I’ll also also say my sister and nephew are heroes. Absolute heroes.

You know those stories you hear about but never think they could happen to someone you love…well, it was happening to us and I wasn’t prepared. How could you be? I remember that early on while we were waiting for news in the ER, Whitney turned to me and asked for a family shoot when they got home.  You see, at this point…the doctors weren’t hinting that going home would necessarily be an option. We, as his family, knew it would be…and I told her I was already planning on that.

I pray no one has to have an experience like we had to really encourage you to update those photos…but please, remember, that while it might seem like an unnecessary event to add to the calendar, tangible memories that represent who you are and who your family is at this point in your life is such a precious gift to yourself and to your kids and to their future.

Meet Whitney, Damon & Henry…the most amazing, heroic people I know.

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On another note, I am heading on vacation with my entire family — we have a LOT to celebrate — in the morning, so email and phone calls will be pretty rare for the next week…but I’ll be back August 11th and I’ll be in touch then :)