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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Think you missed your chance…you didn’t!

It’s true, September & October are fully booked and have been for sometime. Sorry, I told you they book up fast! However, for those families that still want a shoot for that Christmas card or the Senior that wants a shoot before the snow hits…you are in luck! We still have a handful of November shoots open. Now, I know what you are thinking…the trees are bare, it’s cold, and it’s ugly…well, you are wrong! Just wanted to pop on and let you know that November is actually one of my favorite months to shoot in! It’s cool (sometimes chilly…which I like) and we get a great early evening light. Plus, it’s easier to get in because everyone wanted October ;) Also, depending on the year, there are trees with those golden leaves still hanging on.

Here’s a handful of images from last November…so if they make you realize you can still get that fall shoot you wanted, contact me soon…cause they will go quick ;)

**November shoots need to be scheduled for 3pm on weekdays to ensure we have plenty of light. Only 1 weekend date left for that month!2014-09-08_0011

2014-09-08_0008 2014-09-08_0009   2014-09-08_0012  2014-09-08_0014 2014-09-08_0003 2014-09-08_00042014-09-08_0015  2014-09-08_00062014-09-08_0005 2014-09-08_0007      2014-09-08_0013    2014-09-08_00022014-09-08_0001

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