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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ely & Lauren – The Wedding | Winter Wedding Photography

Happy 2012!!!

I am reaching waay back today!! In honor of a new year & the beautiful layer of snow outside, I thought I would blog a wedding from 2 years ago…weird to say that now ;) I photographed Ely & Lauren’s wedding in December 2010…so not really that long ago, but still ;) I wanted to share a few more weddings before I jump into last year’s weddings….so here we go!

You might remember Ely & Lauren from their engagement photos we shot on a horse farm in Kentucky. It was such a fun shoot and I was so excited to see them again and finally meet their families! If you clicked the link, you can see the back story of our friendship with this very special couple and surely you can understand why it was such an honor to be able to document the start of their lives together. They mean the world to us and we hope that they can look back at these images and re-live one of the biggest days in their lives…it really is an amazing thing we are able to do for people. I am so thankful for everyone of you that allows us to do this.

Okay, before I start writing a book about how much I love all my amazing clients & supporters, I think I’ll jump back to the images…here’s a look at a very wonderful day in 2010:

Aldersgate Camp in Ravenna, Kentucky

Ely & his Momma…can you see the love? I can :)

One of the best moments on a wedding day…

image: by the ever talented Justin ;)

Another one of my favorite moments…

Lauren’s mom made the most beautiful decorations…seriously, she’s amazing…here’s a peak at some…

Friends :)

We did the portraits after the wedding & reception…since they had the wedding so early in the day, it worked out perfectly and I may be partial, but they are some of my favorites from the year.

Love, love, love these…

Truly Ely:

Doesn’t it just make you fall in love with winter weddings…I LOVE snowy photos :) I’ll have another snowy wedding up for you next!!

Don’t forget, I’ll be on Maternity leave from January 11th – March 5th (tentatively), however, I am in the office this week…so if you have a question, contact me soon :)

*I will be checking in periodically on email & voicemails, but it wont be often, so please be patient…I’ll be learning how to be a momma ;)

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