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2010 Weddings – Our Couples

There is absolutely no possible way I could post my favorite photos from our weddings this year. Actually, I take that back…that’s what I do when I post them…so to take them from 30 to 1…just can’t do it. So Justin & I went through every wedding from the year and picked one of our favorite portraits of each couple.While we have lots and lots of other favorites…this will give show a recap of the year (well, most of them are new since I am behind on blogging ;)

My goal for 2010 was to travel more. I love travel.  Whether for personal or business, I just wanted more. Thanks to my amazing clients, I made my goal happen this year.  I had at least one trip out of state every month this year.  Since this time last year I’ve been to:

Nashville, Tennessee (Jan), Kentucky (Feb, April, July, Aug, Nov, Dec), Naples, Florida (March), Indiana (March, Oct), Albuquerque, New Mexico (March), Minneapolis, Minnesota (April), Michigan (May, Sept), Maine (June), Washington DC (July), South Carolina (Aug).

I’d say that’s a success. This year’s goal is inspired by my dear friend Melanie. She suggested on facebook the idea of taking a photo every day for a year, and then making a book out of it. While I have heard of this project before, I never really jumped on board until now. My thoughts were usually…what if it’s 11pm and I still haven’t taken a photo? I was worried I would get stressed about doing it every day. I’ve decided that I will use different mediums. Some days I’ll shoot with my Canon Mark 2, other days with my iPhone. Some days I will have my Polaroid 600se, and other days my point & shoot. I want this to be a collection that is natural and really shows my life…simple, but wonderful. I am so excited to start! Could you just imagine flipping through a book, page by page, of your parents life before they had you? NO, I am not pregnant, but someday I will be…and my kids will love this.

Alright. So that’s where I am for 2011…wish me luck!

Here’s a look at all of our amazing, beautiful, wonderful couples that allowed us to photographed their wedding day. It was such a perfect year and we can’t wait to see what this year holds for Cassidy Dawn Photography!! Thanks for sticking by us :)

Angela & Jerry

Emily & Mark

Ashley & Curt

Paige & Dan

Naomi & David

Heidi & John

Beth & Sam (& here)

Stacy & Luke

Meaghan & Jeremy

The following have yet to be blogged…so stay tuned for those!!

Kim & Greg

Audrey & Muncie

Melissa & Travis

Elena & Eric

Jill & Austin

Emilie & Andy

Anastasia & Doug

The following are still in queue for editing…so these are just some that jumped out at me :)

Christa & Cory

Andrea & Mike

Lauren & Ely

Laura & David

Happy 2011!!!

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