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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Sayid’s Snow Day

Guess who is LOVING the snow at our house…and having ‘dad’ home on these snow days…

Also, just want to let you know that we will be taking a little break for the Holidays :)  As of Tuesday the 21st, we will be out of the office until Monday, January 3rd. Of course, I’ll check in on email from time to time, but the next 2 weeks are dedicated to everything wonderful that comes along with Christmas time.  That being said, I do have many scheduled blog posts coming up that I’ve already prepared, so while it may be quite in my office…it wont be here on the blog! However most emails & all print orders will not be returned/processed till next year.

Enjoy this time with family (and puppies if you have them)…I know I will :)

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Maine, June 2010 – part 1

Please excuse the regular posting of seniors, families & weddings for a little personal work…I hope that’s okay.  Today I needed a break. Don’t get me wrong, I really have just about the best job someone could dream up.  However, I needed to work for my soul today…just for a bit.

In June this year, Justin & I had the amazing opportunity to go to Maine.  Maine became one of my favorite places on earth when I went years ago with my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins. We formed a bond, Maine and me. I promised I’d come back…I had to, it kept part of my heart.  So when the chance came up, we took about 5 mins to think about it, and left 2 weeks later. I was so excited to go back, and to show my love…my other love :)

Using the ever so popular cheesy phase, it was everything I remembered…actually more.  If we ever fall into serious money and dissappear…that’s where we will be.  We’ll be in Maine.

For some absolutely insane reason, I have failed to share our trip here on the blog. Instead of showing it all at once, I’m going to present it little by little. No particular schedule planned, just when my mind & my heart needs a little break. Frankly, this post would break a record if I did it all at once. I thought I would begin with a little glance at the small, amazing town we stayed in. Camden, Maine.

Here’s the little place that stole my heart…”where the mountains meet the ocean”  (taken atop Mt. Battie)

A few of the scenes from just walking around the streets.

The image on the left was taken at the public library, then the image on the right is the view from there. Justin was working on his Masters work while were there, so we spent a LOT of time in the libraries. One day there was a wedding on the lawn. That being said, any Maine brides…call me. Please.

The view from our place…

The first and last place I ordered Lobster.  I then ordered clam strips, and Justin had two lobsters ;)

Much more to come, another day.

Dear Kaye, my Maysville Momma. Thank you for making it all possible…I love you :)

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A few more shoots…from July | Columbus Ohio Family Photography

Today I bring you July.  I’ve already shared many session from that particular month, and I thought that today I would just combine a few. I have a few personal posts I’d like to do this winter, and that will never happen if I don’t catch up. Sooo, here are a few highlights from that warm summer month.  Can’t you feel the warmth? It’s currently 16 degrees where I am, so I thought July photos looked extra lovely ;)

Do you remember this little guy? Well, he’s growing up…way too fast!

I told you it was July ;)

This happens to be one of my favorite families. Ever.

Now I think I’ll throw on my flip flops and sit by my vent. ;)

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Day Family | Chillicothe Family Photographer

Today will show it all. With the self imposed “senior week(s)”, it wasn’t easy to determine where we were with posts…ie. how far back I was reaching…today, however, will revel it all.

Today I bring you the absolutely too cute Day Family.  We all got together back in *ahem* July *cough* to document their family now. It was actually so touching, you see this session was a gift to them from their church for Pastor Appreciation Week. How sweet? You can imagine how honored I was that they chose me to be the photographer!  Here are just a few of my favorites back from that warm July morning!

I love every face in this shot…I mean, really, could they get any cuter?!

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Reminder…all orders for Christmas, due today!!!

Just wanted to hop on and remind you all that any and all orders that are wanted in time for Christmas need to be ordered by TODAY!! No exceptions!!

Please place your orders by tonight, due by midnight :)

And because posts are just not as fun without photos, and this is a photography blog, check out these stunning girls that I am editing today. More on them soon!

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