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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Tommy – Paint Valley ’11 | Chillicothe Ohio Senior Photographer

Right after I finished up with Timmy’s shoot, I headed into Chillicothe to photograph Tommy’s senior photos. It was such a great evening for it, so I am glad I was able to take advantage of that!

Tommy was super easy to photograph and I love the shots we got that evening. Here’s a few of my favorites!

Tommy is *super* talented at playing the guitar. Seriously, really good!

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Despite this bug I’ve got, I am thrilled with this chilly, rainy week, it’s been great for productivity!! Check back tomorrow for Ben’s photo shoot in Mansfield.

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Timmy – Paint Valley ’11 | Chillicothe Ohio Senior Photographer

Keeping on with Senior week…here’s Timmy!  We met up at one of my favorite locations to shoot his senior photos.  Here are some of my favorites from our shoot!

*sorry I am not writing much this week, I’ve got a little bug and my head is quite foggy…who’s knows what I would say if I wrote more ;)

Love this one so much…the light, textures & color. Just love it!

Be back tomorrow :)

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Michelle – Senior ’11 | Marysville, Ohio Senior Photographer

Day 2!

Meet Michelle…she’s a senior at Marysville, Ohio.  We met up in late September and roamed around her dad’s property for a bit. Awesome light, gorgeous girl…here’s what comes of that…

Can’t be that light!

Loved the photos under the covered bridge…

Check back tomorrow for more :) Tommy & Timmy are up next, then a few more Mansfield seniors!

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Rachel – Senior ’11 | Mansfield, Ohio Senior Photographer

I told you! Didn’t I promise Monday would be the start of my made-up “Senior Week” here on the blog?! I keep my promises. Like I mentioned before, I wanted to blog all these amazing seniors I’ve been photographing lately. If I waited until I was caught up on the blog, some of them wouldn’t be blogged until March (if I keep up with my slacking). Anyway, I thought a good way to catch up would be to post a new senior every day…until I am caught up!

So starting us off, meet Rachel! I have an amazing group of clients all the way up in Mansfield, Ohio. Every year, the group gets a little bigger and I am so grateful for that. They all are such great people and I am honored to photograph them! Rachel & I met up on her families’ property to do her senior photos. We had so much to work with and I am in love with so many of these…of course, when you are photographing someone so beautiful…well, you know.

LOVE these :)

Rachel, you are stunning!!

Look who came to join us at the end of the shoot. Yes, I wanted to take them both home…

Stay tuned…so many more seniors coming to the blog this week!!

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Announcement time!

Hello wonderful blog readers, hope you are having a wonderful fall!  We are in the midst of our busiest fall yet and loving every minute of it! I thought I’d take a minute to announce a few things…

1. The Christmas Ordering Deadline will be DECEMBER 1ST. Please make any and all orders that you would like to have in time for Christmas by DECEMBER 1ST. Any orders that are received after this date are not guaranteed to arrive in time for the holidays. No exceptions!

2. Just a friendly announcement to remind you that if we have photographed your wedding or session recently, turn-around times on proofing are at the max. So weddings will be proofed within 2-3 months (depending on your contract), and sessions will be around 4 weeks. We’d love to have them to you sooner, but we are just going in order…and working hard. We promise to let you know the minute they are ready ;)

3. 2010 is completely booked with sessions. However, we are booking lots in January, so if you were hoping to have a shoot soon…please contact us asap so we can save a date on the calendar.  On that note, it’s wedding booking season. It’s not too early to inquire about your date.  The calendar is filling up, so if you hope we can photograph your wedding, please contact us soon!

4. Next week is Senior Week!! What is senior week you ask? Well, I made it up. As I’ve mentioned, I am a little behind on blogging…to put it lightly ;) We’ve been photographing so many wonderful seniors lately that I’ve decided to take next week and blog about them! Everyday (hopefully) for the next several days (starting Monday) there will be a new senior on the blog. So check back often…lots of gorgeous seniors will be filling up the blog soon!

Here’s a little peak of one such young lady:

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