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Jordan – Paint Valley ’11 | Chillicothe Ohio Senior Photographer

Oh sweet Jordan. Sometimes I have photo shoots that make me feel old. Really, really old. See…my sisters and I used to “babysit” Jordan & her sister. Of course, my mom was there…I don’t think we were quite old enough, but even still.  So when I photograph seniors that I actually remember when they were that little…well, I don’t feel 17 anymore ;)

Jordan is smart, kind, talented, athletic…everything I tried to be when I was her age ;) Oh, and did I mention gorgeous, sooo gorgeous.

We got together one fall evening at her’s Aunt’s House (I was familiar with the location ;) It was such a fun shoot and I had the best time just watching Jordan be the woman she is today. Confident, funny & intelligent…you can’t beat that with a stick! (for those reading the blog that don’t know me, or where I am from. I’m from Southern Ohio…can’t you tell with that last phrase ;)

I LOVE this one :)

Jordan’s boyfriend, Klay, was hanging out with us (helping us get those amazing smiles), so I had to get him in a few shots!

Seriously gorgeous.

I have ALWAYS wanted to photograph during our festival. Well, this year I live in town, so I am really in the heart of it…Jordan lives right across my street. So I knew if I asked nice enough she wouldn’t turn me down. These were really just to see if I could do it, but we loved so many of them I wanted to share a few on here.

Too fun!!

Jordan you are so great. I am honored to have taken your senior photographs. You truly are an amazing young lady!