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Monthly Archives: November 2010

George – Senior ’11 | Bardstown, Ky Senior Photographer

Well, hello there!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! My family all packed up and headed to Indiana to visit my sister for the weekend. We had a great time and it was nice to spend some time with family, without computers (well, of course, there were mulitple rounds of Angry Birds on cell phones… ;)

While I was in Kentucky for my annual trip to photograph the cutest preschool in the Bluegrass, one of the teachers got wind of when I had a photo shoot and asked if we could squeeze in her son before I finished up for the night.  So we all met at My Old Kentucky Home (hands down, one of my favorite places to photograph!) to photograph his senior photos.

Here is a little peak of George’s shoot…


Just a reminder that the Holiday Ordering Deadline is the WEDNESDAY, December 1st!! To insure any orders are at your doorstep by Christmas, they must be made by that date. No exceptions!

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Cecilia – Paint Valley ’11 | Chillicothe Ohio Senior Photography

Well, we are almost there!! Just one more post before I fall back into my regular ‘neglecting the blog’ ;) Haha, I promise to try to keep up. The response lately has been great, and I am thrilled you all keep coming back.

Today, we’ve got Cecilia…aside from having a killer name, she’s got the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. Hands down.  Cecilia is a super talented writer and just found out that she was accepted into one of her tops picks for schools…and I’m pretty sure she’s going to being hearing from those other schools very soon!  We met up one evening and strolled around Chillicothe…here’s a little of what we got…

My #2 fav :)

I did absolutely nothing to her eyes. Seriously, could they be any more amazing?!

My #1 fav! Love this one!!

Good luck deciding which school is the perfect school for you…I know you are going to do great things!!!


I will be disconnected from the business from Thursday till Monday…all emails will be returned next week…have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I’ll resume on Monday with the last senior, for now anyway!!

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Jordan – Paint Valley ’11 | Chillicothe Ohio Senior Photographer

Oh sweet Jordan. Sometimes I have photo shoots that make me feel old. Really, really old. See…my sisters and I used to “babysit” Jordan & her sister. Of course, my mom was there…I don’t think we were quite old enough, but even still.  So when I photograph seniors that I actually remember when they were that little…well, I don’t feel 17 anymore ;)

Jordan is smart, kind, talented, athletic…everything I tried to be when I was her age ;) Oh, and did I mention gorgeous, sooo gorgeous.

We got together one fall evening at her’s Aunt’s House (I was familiar with the location ;) It was such a fun shoot and I had the best time just watching Jordan be the woman she is today. Confident, funny & intelligent…you can’t beat that with a stick! (for those reading the blog that don’t know me, or where I am from. I’m from Southern Ohio…can’t you tell with that last phrase ;)

I LOVE this one :)

Jordan’s boyfriend, Klay, was hanging out with us (helping us get those amazing smiles), so I had to get him in a few shots!

Seriously gorgeous.

I have ALWAYS wanted to photograph during our festival. Well, this year I live in town, so I am really in the heart of it…Jordan lives right across my street. So I knew if I asked nice enough she wouldn’t turn me down. These were really just to see if I could do it, but we loved so many of them I wanted to share a few on here.

Too fun!!

Jordan you are so great. I am honored to have taken your senior photographs. You truly are an amazing young lady!

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Grace – Senior ’11 | Mansfield Ohio Senior Photographer

I’m back!! Thought I was joking weren’t you…”Cassidy will never be able to consistently blog for more than a week”…well, proved you wrong ;)  I was so excited this Monday morning because it meant that it was time to share with you photos of Grace. On one of my “Mansfield trips”, I got together with Grace and her mom and we shot around town, then on their property.  It goes without saying…Grace is beautiful, but not only that she’s also a very talented dancer & plays guitar. I had so much fun with the two of them and I am so proud of these images. Not only because I love how they turned out, but I think they really capture who Grace is in this time in her life (well, from what I gathered from the 2 hours we spent together ;)


I LOVE this one. So much!!

A little outfit/location change…

Grace, you couldn’t be any more cute.

And because it was so hard to pick some for the blog…here’s the rest in slideshow form ;) Grace

We’ve still got more seniors to share…so keep checking in, senior week…err, senior weeks isn’t over yet! ;)

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Benjamin – Senior ’11 | Mansfield Ohio Senior Photographer

In October I headed back up to Mansfield for a couple more senior sessions. The first evening I met up with Ben.  I had photographed his brother 2 years ago, so I was really looking forward to seeing them all again!  Ben is a no fuss kind of guy, other than traveling between the two locations, this was probably my quickest shoot ever. Seriously, though, I didn’t need more time. This guy might as well be a model…he nailed it.

My favorite…

Oh, and these, I love these…

So it’s Friday, but I am definitely not done with Seniors…soo senior week will continue! I’ll be back on Monday with what may be my best shoot yet, I am so in love with it!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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