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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Stacy & Luke – The Wedding! | Chillicothe Ohio Wedding Photographer

Sometimes when people live in one area for most of their lives they don’t realize how others may see it. I’ve spent most of my life in Bainbridge, Ohio. It’s a two stop light town in the middle of Southern Ohio.  I’ve always liked living here, but only recently I have begun to LOVE it. Yep, I love Bainbridge…don’t judge ;) It’s a special place, but it took me a while to realize it.  If you don’t believe me, come on out and I can show you some pretty amazing places.  Now, I’ve never lived in Chillicothe, however, I’m there all the time (it’s just a short 20 miles or so away). When I look at Chillicothe I don’t think of it as anything special. Or I didn’t.

Neither Stacy or Luke are from Chillicothe, they both moved here for their work. Their wedding is one of the highlights of my year…why, you ask?  Well, I watched their wedding day unfold in a city that I am so familiar with, yet it seemed so different. They love this town and it showed during their wedding day. There were few locals in attendance and for most, this was their first time to Chillicothe. Justin & I left saying how they made Chillicothe seem so ‘cool’, for lack of a better word. Every part of the day was filled with love & style…the best combination on a wedding day ;)

I am thankful to Stacy & Luke for helping me open my eyes and see the usual in an unusual way. I am blessed to live where I am and I am soo thankful for ‘neighbors’ like them ;)  Be proud of where you are from, it’s probably not as boring as you think!

The ladies got ready at the gorgeous Guest House Bed & Breakfast.

Couples take note: see how both the Bride & the Groom have impeccable style…don’t forget about the Groom…it’s his day too. Luke looked awesome in his suit!! And don’t get me started on Stacy! So Beautiful!!

It was July 4th weekend, so we had to get a little patriotism in there somewhere ;)

I don’t think I can accurately express my love for this photo…or her shoes. My, oh, my.

This is my Pop John’s car (my grandpa)! My dad even drove it, so fun! See girls…if you need a resource, just ask!

Is this random or what? We even have camels in the most unexpected places in Chillicothe…

I know I am writing a lot, but I just have a lot to say…sorry ;)

The grooms brother-in-law is an illustrator for Disney…yep, Disney! He did all the paper products. I was oohing and ahhing over fonts and that perfect color combination all day long.

The beautiful Adena Mansions & Gardens.

You *cannot* go wrong with bridesmaids dresses from Anthropologie. I promise.

Love these.

She had the best details…see the straw above…it’s those little things that get me excited. And that little white vase, I collect those…crazy!

Amazing cakes by the ever so wonderful, Erin, of the Cake Kitchen.

Stacy & Luke, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer. It was an honor to document your day and watch the love you have for each other as you began such an amazing new part of your lives. So happy for you!!

Photography: Cassidy Dawn Photography ;)

Attire: Groom’s Suit – J.Crew; Bridal Gown – La Juene Mariee, Worthington, Ohio; Bridesmaids – Anthropologie

Flowers: Anna Dean

Ceremony: Adena Mansions & Gardens

Reception: The Madison on Paint, Chillicothe Ohio

Cater: Grinders, Paint Street, Chillicothe Ohio (740.773.3354)

Cake: The Cake Kitchen

Ceremony Musician: Eric Putnam

Reception Musicians: Chillicothe DJ Services, Jarrod

Transportation: My dad :)

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Anna & Lloyd | Columbus Ohio Engagement Photographer

I’m overwhelmed. It’s a good overwhelmed, but it’s still ‘overwhelmed’. I am honored that so many of you want me to photograph your lives. Thank you, you have no idea what it means. Although I may seem tired, my eyes are really glazed over from joy. So thank you. Along with the abundance of photo shoots we have going on…I also am doing a great job at falling behind in my blogging.  There is a good thing about that though, I surely wont be running out of blog material time soon! So…

Waay back in June (yes June, I told you!), Justin & I met up with Anna & Lloyd at the Franklin Park Conservatory for their engagement photos. We had a great time, and here’s a few of my favorites!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog and sending me messages. I cannot believe the Lord has blessed me the way He has, and I thank Him daily for you. Your support means the world to me.

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Heidi & John – The Wedding! | Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer

Way back in June, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Heidi & John! It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were so honored to have been there documenting it.  We started the day with one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in Columbus, then headed downtown to a park & OSU campus for photos and ended up at The Blackwell for the reception. Heidi & John did an amazing job planning the day, it was full of style and everything was so beautiful.  I hope these photos give you a glimpse into their special day…

There is just something about this image. I love it so much. 

Absolutely gorgeous bridesmaids! And seriously…those dresses?! You can’t go wrong with JCrew.

I mean really, can you be anymore good looking?! Geesh.

Stopped at ‘the Shoe‘ for some photos!

I can’t say no to Jeni’s Ice Cream!

Justin & I agreed hands down that this was the happiest first dance we’ve ever seen. It was so beautiful and, well, just happy :)

The Blackwell is an amazing location for a reception. The staff is amazing and the ‘lady in charge’, Blaire…well, I want to be her best friend ;)

A huge storm hit, so the party moved inside…but it didn’t skip a beat!

Photography: Cassidy Dawn Photography ;)

Flowers: The Daisy Basket

Ceremony: St. Michael’s

Reception: The Blackwell, Blaire

Cater: The Blackwell

Cake: The Suisse Shop, Darlene

Ceremony Musicians: Ronald Barrett (organist), Melanie Day (singer)

Reception Musicians: 28 Days Band (all the way from Chicago & these guys were awesome!!!)

Transportation: The Columbus Trolley

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a little autumn for you…

I took these at during one of my shoots last night…just thought I would share.

Feel free to download and use on your computer background, Whitney ;) Just right click and save!

Oh, and please don’t print them though…that’d just be mean.  If you are interested in art prints, contact me by email!

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THE second shooter of CDP…

…also happens to be my amazing husband.

The man deserves a medal, and while I don’t have any direct line to medal manufactures, I thought the least I could do would be to write a blog post.  Not only is he an amazing High School English, Journalism, Drama, Public Speaking teacher, he is also currently working on his Masters (a one year intensive program).  So basically, he gets up early every morning, teaches all day, comes home and starts on his Masters while grading papers from school…I don’t know how he does it. However, it doesn’t stop there.  He also spends every wedding and the occasional shoot with me making beautiful images for my amazing clients.

I wanted to spend today showing you some of his amazing photographs…and yes, sometimes I get jealous. He’s just so good!

These are just some from recent shoots and weddings..most haven’t been shared yet! I have so many more, just wanted to grab a few of my recent favorites!

He said this one was a mistake, but it happens to be one of my favorite images ever.

Just a few in action :) He tests my light, moves shoes, makes babies smile and cleans off dresses…really?! That’s my guy :)

On this shoot, the little guy in this photo insisted on Justin being in their family photo, it was so funny!! Justin didn’t really say much the whole shoot, but he must have really liked him…loved it!

Justin, I love you!!!

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