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Beth & Sam – Wedding Shoot | Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer

Oh my! Was I excited about this shoot or what? I’ve already expressed how much I love this couple…so I won”t go into that again (even though I want to). On the wedding day, Beth was amazing with dealing with the rainy weather, all her plans were changed, but she handled it with grace. There was one thing getting her a little down, though she didn’t let it show. Although Sam hadn’t seen Beth before the wedding, he knew something would be bothering her. He knew how important the photos at the farm were to her and how disappointed she was even though no one knew it. He pulled me aside and asked if it would be possible to get dressed up again and do a shoot on another day. After tearing up at how sweet he was to even think of that, I excitedly ran up to tell Beth…of course I was game. While no one really knew how sad she was about the thought of missing out on those photos, everyone could definitely see the change when that idea was suggested. She loved it. So did I. And Sam loves Beth.

So we found one rare, cool evening this summer and took some photos. It was wonderful.


Dear Doug, thank you for hauling these trunks out into the field for your sweet daughter’s wedding photos.  I know they were heavy, but totally worth it. Don’t you agree? ;)

One of my favorite shots of all time. Really, I’m not sure I could love it anymore.

You two are marvelous, thank you for your friendship. Love you both!