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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Stephanie | 2011 East Clinton Senior

Gorgeous, talented, athletic & sweet…meet Stephanie.  She’s a senior at East Clinton High School this year and we met up last month to do her senior photos. She’s so cute, and up for anything…which is always awesome with seniors :) Here are few of my favorites from her session…

*love* this one.

Stephanie, you’re gorgeous.

She’s an awesome volleyball player, so we had to get a few of those in too…

Stephanie, thanks for such a great session!  Good luck with your last year of High School!!!

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Dylan – Senior ’11 | Chillicothe Ohio Senior Photography

In honor of the first week of school for our area, I thought I would jump a few sessions ahead and post one of my recent seniors (don’t worry, I’ll go back ;)

Anyway, last month I got together with Dylan to photograph his senior photos…I had a great time with him & his mom. Apparently his mom & I go way back, she saw my sister & I right after we were born. We were the first twins she’d ever met ;)  Dylan’s super talented, and frankly…pretty darn good looking (I can say that, I’m old & married :)

He’s very musical & athletic, so we wanted to cover those bases in the shoot. It was the perfect evening, a little warm, but great light.  Here’s a few of my favorites…

His dad was actually my middle school band teacher. Yes, I was in the band…and yes, I was worse than you can imagine…and I played the trombone :)

One of my favorites:

Another favorite:

I had to sneak in a couple with his sister Megan…also super talented!

These are just the awards from this year (her freshman year), she’s got just as many from last year!  She’s also broken several records…

The website is getting a waay overdue update. I haven’t switched up the images in over two years. Since it’s such a big job, I am just doing a bit at a time, so while the galleries need updated…there are a few new shots on it (some you’ve never seen!).

If you are in Southern Ohio…enjoy this amazing weather today, you can’t beat sunny & 76! If you are anywhere else…enjoy what you have too!!

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Baby James | Southern Ohio Children Photography

Last January Justin & I made one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We bought a house, but not just any house, the perfect house in the perfect place for us. Not only do we love working on all our projects to make this place our own…but there’s something even better about living here. Our neighbors. We have the best neighbors anyone could ask for. For instance, when we got home yesterday our table had a beautiful bouquet on it, homemade cookies on the counter and a sweet message on our chalkboard fridge. No, I am not kidding. I hate leaving, and I just love coming home!

All that to say…here’s one of my little neighbors. Meet baby James. I could gush for paragraphs about this little man, but I’ll just get right to the photos. He melts my heart.

I just can’t even take it!!

The one of the right is our little sidewalk…if you look closely, you can see our home, the first one on the left!

And because it was so hard to pick out the ones I posted…here’s the rest in a little slideshow: Baby James *turn your music on ;)

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Hamman Family | Chillicothe Family Portrait Photography

I loved every little bit of this shoot.  When Leslie first sent me a message about setting up a shoot, I was so excited. There is just something about twins…maybe it’s because I’ve got one of my own, but I just feel so connected to them.  These two are as cute as they come. It’s so fun to watch them interact and help each other.  During the shoot Evelyn was helping Andrew up off the ground, Andrew shared his juice with Evelyn…it’s so great that they will grow up having a best friend right there with them through everything. *even though at some points they wont realize how great it is ;) right Whitney? haha!

Anyway…here are a few of my favorites!

Note to Justin: I want a photo just like this with our kiddos. Someday…far in the future.

I think this outfit change shows a bit of their personalities :)

They got a large canvas of this image for their living room…it looks so great!!

One of my favorites:

They were the Ambassador Family for this year’s March of Dimes. The twins were little miracles when they were born and I am so honored to photograph them as they get older! Can’t wait for our next shoot!!

We are heading out for yet another trip this week…so if you don’t hear from me right away, that’s why. I will have email with me, but I’ll also be near a beach…so you get the hint ;)

To be fair…it’s a business trip, just happens to be at the beach too. Photos to come soon!!

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Abby & Reed | Chillicothe Ohio Child Photography

Abby & Reed couldn’t be any cuter if they tried. Really…I just love these two!! I only have a minute…I’ve assigned myself to a full day of editing today, but I wanted to pop on and share a few photos from their session.


Future heart-breaker…

Her too…love em’

I posted this image a while back, but couldn’t help but show it again.

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