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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Tyler & Friends…OSU | Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

I think this shoot was genius!! My sweet Aunt Dawn (yes, I am named after her) called me one day and said that she had an idea for Ty’s gift for graduating college. They thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot with his friends on campus. Seriously. Why on earth haven’t I thought of this?! So smart. I would LOVE to have photos of my college friends before we all parted ways.  I think these will be so great for them to have years down the road when they don’t get to see each other or even talk as much as they would like. It always happens sooner than you think.

Genius idea guys, I loved every minute of our shoot…well, except that Tyler has no idea of what “just over there” means. Come on Tyler. I went to Asbury…it’s a small campus ;)

My favorite shot of our shoot…

And of course, one of the man himself by the Business College…so proud of you!!!

Oh, and you know I had to make the whole family get together for a couple shots…Aunt Dawn made this into a huge (and by huge, I mean proportional to the wall) canvas for the living room, and it looks amazing!!

Oh, and yes, if you were wondering. Bree and I are the real twins of the family…not Whitney & I ;) Aside from the age difference, and the fact that she’s much prettier, we have been told more than once we look like twins. And I’m more than okay with that ;)

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Sweet Laynie | Columbus Ohio Family Photographer

I don’t know what on earth I could say about this family that I haven’t already said. Really, anyone that reads this blog even semi-regularly knows how much I love them. Really, really love them. So instead of saying all the same things over and over, I will just let you look at these sweet summer images celebrating the fact that little miss Laynie is 6 months old!! Well, she was in May, but hey, I’m catching up.

Hayley always does an awesome job with clothing…I swear I am going to hire her out to help anyone who wants it. They always look so put together without being too matchy…love it! 

This one just makes me laugh.

Sophie & Justin did a lot of bonding that day. Before that day, she was a little shy around him…but not here. They were best buddies and she even asked for these photos. How funny?!

My sweet photo friend whisked me off to Washington DC this week to help with a shoot, so I promise I am not ignoring any of those emails & print orders…reply’s are coming soon…I promise ;)

We have lots of fun shoots coming up in the next few weeks and of course lots more that I have yet to share, so keep coming back!!

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Paige & Dan – The Wedding! | Chillicothe Ohio Wedding Photography

Wedding days are really something else. You have a woman looking more beautiful than ever, a handsome man, amazing locations infused with their style, & the most moving part…every single person in attendance is there for them because they love them. Yep, that’s exactly how I have been spending most of my Saturdays this year…by the end of 2010 we will have had 21 Saturdays/Fridays & Sundays that are just that.

May 22 was no exception. I knew it wouldn’t be.  I was really looking forward to this wedding because there is a family/group of friends that I have been running into quite a bit in my 2 years of full time shooting.  I am thrilled that when I have been able to document these awesome days for them…and that day, it was Paige’s turn.  We had shot Paige & Dan’s engagement pictures back in February, so I already had an idea of how important pictures were to her. It was clear they were important on the wedding day as well because they allowed me plenty of time to create beautiful photographs for them. You can hire me because you love my work, but in order to get those fun/romantic/special pictures of you two, I need to have time with you to make them happen. 5 minutes won’t cut it. Paige & Dan decided to see each other before the wedding, thus leaving an ample amount of time to get the pictures they wanted, and after the wedding…it was time for the party!

This was actually my first wedding ever without Justin. He had a conference to go to, so the ever talented Jenny Beck there along with me! She’s so great, and I hope to have her along at more weddings in the future!

Ever talented, Nathan Cutright created the flowers for the day…stunning as usual!

The first glance…soo sweet!

Favorites of the day!!

Love this bridesmaid shot by Jenny!!

Seriously Paige. You. are. stunning.

Yummy cake by Erin of The Cake Kitchen. (I don’t think yummy really expresses my feelings about her cakes. oh my.)

Had to get a photo of some other CDP clients! Here’s Jamie & Adam from last year, and Kim & Greg, whose wedding will be in a couple weeks!!

Photography : Cassidy Dawn Photography ;)

Location : Sunroom @ the Brick, Frankfort, Ohio

Flowers : Weddings by Nathan, Nathan Cutright, 740.649.6065

Cake : The Cake Kitchen, Erin

DJ : Shawn Martendale

*Today we are heading out of town for a wedding in Kentucky this weekend…I’ll be back in the office on Monday!!

Oh, and Jenny caught this shot me, so I thought I’d share…

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Ashley & Curt – The Wedding! | Michigan Wedding Photography

In May Justin & I traveled to Lapeer, Michigan to photograph Ashley & Curt’s wedding. I couldn’t wait to get there because the wedding day was actually the first time Ashley and I met in person.  Ashley and I had talked many times on the phone and by email, but we hadn’t had the chance to meet until her wedding day.  It was such an honor to photograph their wedding day and know that she was so sure that she wanted us there just by what she’s seen online.

The day was gorgeous, and the locations…perfect! It was really all a surprise to me, we hadn’t done much talking about what the colors were or the flowers, and I obviously wasn’t familiar with the locations.  A perfect day with little surprises all around.

Here is a little peak into Ashley & Curt’s lovely May wedding day.

The church was so beautiful and had the most amazing light during the ceremony!

I love bride & grooms. I also love birch trees. And great light…..

Simple sophistication.

Ashley & Curt, thank you so much for bringing me to your beautiful town. The day was just perfect and we are honored to have been there.

Photography: Cassidy Dawn Photography ;)

Flowers: Burke’s Flowers

Church: Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Lapeer Michigan

Reception:Devil’s Ridge Golf Course, Oxford Michigan

Cater: Devil’s Ridge

Cake: Sweet & Savory Bake Shop

Music: Soulstice Band **awesome band!!

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Mark & Emily – The Wedding! | Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography

Way back in the beginning of May, we started our wedding season for 2010. Yes, I am aware that it’s July…and that I’ve had 6 weddings since then. What can I say, it’s been a little crazy ;) However you can rest assured that I wont run out of blogging material for quite a while ;)

I had been looking forward to this wedding for a while. After our first meeting, and then engagement session, I knew I would be in for a treat that day.  Not only are Mark & Emily as sweet as they come, but their families are so great. Justin and I felt at home surrounded by all those wonderful people. I already informed them that I’ll be joining in at Thanksgiving ;)

Here is a look into their May 8th wedding:

Justin’s great first look shots…

It was such a beautiful church.

You’d never know from the photo, but these girls are freezing here! It was so chilly that day!

They are so sweet I can’t even handle it.

The cake was so delicious and it was the inspiration for their custom Save the Dates that I designed!

Mark, I wont tell everyone what your favorite song is and why you look so into it…even though I really want too ;)

Photography: Cassidy Dawn Photography ;)

Flowers: Cua’s Florist

Church: St. Agatha Church, Columbus Ohio

Reception: The Jessing Center at The Pontifical College Josephinum

Cater: Mass Appeal

Cake: Cakes by Anita (Anita Kline, 614.766.8288)

Music: Night Music (Steve Ransom)

I obviously have lots more to share, so keep coming back ;)

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