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Monthly Archives: June 2010

April Kentucky Photo Trip | Bardstown Kentucky Family Photography

Well…I’m back!! We had the most amazing time in Maine.  I can’t wait to show you pictures, but truthfully, I haven’t even downloaded them all…so it will be a bit ;) I’ve got more important photos to work on first!!

Every year I make sure to head to beautiful Bardstown, Kentucky to photograph the sweet families there.  I’ve been photographing at the Montessori school there for 2 years and that has connected me with some of the sweetest families in the bluegrass.  Here is a look at my last trip and the too cute families I spent my time with.

*I am soo behind, so I thought I’d combine this post and be a bit more efficient ;)

Have a great weekend!! We’ll be shooting an amazing wedding in Columbus :)

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Happy 25th, to my love :)

Just wanted to hop on and give a public acknowledgement that the man of my dreams is 25 today!! We are having the best time in Maine. Currently, we are in yet another library working so Justin can do his class work (he’s working on his masters). What a dedicated student ;)  It’s a rainy day, so I am not giving him too much of a hard time…and I think he loves the rain – it’s giving us a reason to visit every bookstore around…and I can’t complain about it ;)

Here’s a few pictures of Mr. 25 himself…

Good ole’ self timer… (taken today)That’s more like it…

And a scenic shot, just for the fun of it.  Taken between Camden & Rockport.

I love you Justin.

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Out of the office…

Just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that I am out of the office this week…be back soon…maybe.

…the view from our deck this week. It might be tough getting me back to Ohio ;)

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Have a happy day.

Take a tip from Abby…and have a really, really good day :)

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I can’t believe it’s been a year.

One year ago today, we spent our afternoon helping sweet “Honey” (her real name being Cheesecake) keep her babies safe.  She had 11 sweet puppies on the hill in front of our house and they happened to be rolling down! You can read the entire story here, because I have a feeling most of you already know it.

I started going through my files to pick a few photos to blog on this wonderful occasion. Well, you can guess what happened.  An hour later I had picked more photos then I could ever begin to put on the blog, and still wasn’t finished. They are just soo cute.  Who doesn’t love puppies?! Instead of uploading photo after photo…you can go back memory lane on our personal blog…that we haven’t updated since we were taking care of the puppies ;)

So instead of rambling on about 11 adorable puppies…I am going to ramble about one.  One very special pup.

I’ve always wanted a dog.  A really big dog. One that would love to play fetch, that would love to cuddle and that would look at me as if I could do no wrong.  Dogs are amazing.  My dog, Sayid, is nothing short of that. He’s huge, and loves to cuddle and wants to do nothing more in the world than play fetch. Really, if you are holding his favorite tennis ball, he will do anything you ask.

I’m writing a lot…so scroll down, look at a few photos and I’ll get back to praising the name of the youngest member of our family.

Here he is…one day old. Not many people meet their pups on the day they were born. We are blessed that we were able to pick him out the minute we saw him. He was the 7th puppy to be born…the 1st black one :)  (we had 8 yellow & 3 black…and a few that didn’t make it :(

2 months old…see how easily he can steal your heart?

Playing with dad…learning how to play fetch.

4 months old…and one of my favorite pictures.

Some of Sayid’s favorite things to do:

– play fetch. really…nothing there is nothing better in the world to him. I think I’ve gotten that across.

– cuddle with me or Justin…he *loves* to cuddle.

– play with my mom…and tease my dad.

– chase Thomas. too bad Thomas is terrified of him…but can you blame him…he’s huge!

One year old.  Just as adorable as the day we met him.

Here he is enjoying the new fence we put in just for him…he’s a little spoiled ;)

Currently he is 70 lbs (and looks so lean) and really, really tall. I’ve seen most of his brothers & sisters and he’s definitely taller than all of them.  He’s just a really big boy.

We want to wish all of Sayid’s brothers & sisters happy birthday too!! We are so glad you love your homes!!

Sayid, you mean the world to me. Thank you for being you. Cute, sweet, adorable you.  I love you buddy :)

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