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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Melissa & Travis | Wilmington Ohio Engagement Photography

Before this photo shoot, Melissa & I had an email relationship.  It was lovely, but of course, I was really excited to finally meet her in person! She’s even cuter and sweeter than I imagined…and that’s saying a lot…I can really get a sense of people in email :) She sent me a message last September and it simply said, “Hi, I would like to talk to you about wedding packages and engagement photos”, then some info on the wedding location. So I emailed back with my information and no more than a few hours later I had this response: “That’s sounds great! Your website sold me lol.”

I knew we would get along great. I love when people know what they want! We continued to email back and forth and had originally planned their engagement shoot in October.  After getting rained out, more than once, we just opted to wait till spring…who doesn’t love spring?! I am so thrilled we waited. There is something so sweet about these photos & I don’t think she could have picked a better time to do them…

Whenever Travis kisses Melissa she ends up on her tip toes…I just couldn’t help but capture that. It’s so sweet. They are getting a canvas wrap of this one and I think it’s the perfect choice!!

I just love the look of this field!

You’d never know it’s just a grassy area next to a parking lot…would you? ;)

Melissa & Travis…I can’t wait for your wedding in September…it’s going to be so wonderful!!

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Hannah – Senior ’10 | Ohio Senior Photography

What a busy month it’s been! I can’t believe it’s almost June!  We’ve been filling our month with weddings (3 so far) and so many fun shoots…I can’t wait to share them with you!

At the start of April, Hannah, her mom & I got together to do her senior photos at one of my favorite places to shoot.  I had a great time on our shoot, and I have a feeling Hannah had a pretty good time too ;)

She has the most amazing eyes, really, I just couldn’t get over them! Not only is she gorgeous, she’s the Salutatorian of her class this year!

My favorite from the shoot.  I told you she was gorgeous…

Hannah, congrats on graduating…and good luck with that speech, I know you’ll do great!

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Ash Family | Chillicothe Ohio Family Photography

There is absolutely nothing more I can say about this family that I haven’t already said…in the previous 10 or so posts about them…yep, I blog them a lot ;) So I will try to keep it short.  I love that they value photographs they way they should be…they don’t look at them as just pictures of their families that they do when they think about it.  Our shoots are planned out, for particular times to record particular moments in their lives.  These are their records, and this is what they will look back on to see what Sophie looked was like when she was 4. Yep, you heard it right…Sophie, my sweet Sophie is 4.

Sophie’s favorite color is purple.  She is a very special person in my life…so that calls for one very special, purple-y photoshoot.

*There’s  bunch…sorry, but below are some of my favorite images ever, so there’s no way I was narrowing them down ;)

Disclaimer: I am typically not a fan of all white (like most photographers), however, take note…this is white done right! Nice job Hay.

Typical Ash Family:  (*you know I love you ;)

Sunday we are having Laynie’s 6 month shoot…and I am SOO excited for it :)

I don’t think I could love this image anymore than I already do. Without a doubt, it’s my favorite:

Have a beautiful Friday :)  Oh, and thanks for taking time and reading my blog. You have NO idea how much it means to me.

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Greg & Kim | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

Just before I left for New Mexico I got an email from Kim wanting to see when we might be able to do engagement pictures.  It just so happened that on my way home I had a layover in Minneapolis…perfect!  We managed to coordinate days and decided that I would just “miss my flight” back home.  Everything worked out perfect…well, except I forgot that just because I would miss my flight, didn’t mean my luggage would too.  After a little repacking before my flight we were good to go!

I had such a great time on our shoot.  Greg & Kim are so perfect for each other and so easy to photograph.  Never hurts when the couple is stunning, has great style…and picks awesome locations.  Some days I really don’t think I can call this a job ;)  I loved to watch them interact, so sweet.  After the shoot they took me to a super yummy lunch and when Greg stepped away from the table Kim said the sweetest things about him.  She said that she was positive that God made him for her and sent him to her at this time in their lives.  I teared up a little…but seriously, since when is that new.

Greg & Kim, Thank you so much for showing me around your town…it’s so beautiful…and so are you two.

They took me to the most wonderful locations!

I had been away from my big black lab for almost a week, so seeing Tank made me feel a little better…he’s soo cute!

And then a little clothing & location change…love these!

Greg first noticed Kim’s legs…can you blame him.  I think most ladies out there would agree that they wish these were their legs.

Finished just before the rain came…see photo on the right.

I am so excited for their wedding in July! Not only that, but this weekend I will be photographing Kim’s brother’s wedding!!

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Sikora Family | Albuquerque New Mexico

The Sikora’s are moving in about a month…but before they do, they wanted to have family pictures in the place they’ve called home for over a year now.  Not only do they LOVE Albuquerque, but a sweet little girl named Millie just joined the family, so they couldn’t have thought up a better time to do pictures! Lucky for me, I LOVE to travel :)

Before this trip, I hadn’t been farther west then the tip of Missouri.  So not only was I thrilled to see the Sikora’s again, but I was so excited to see a part of the county I’ve never seen. The verdict: I’m going back!  I’ll be honest…I didn’t think I would be so impressed by it. The desert isn’t really for me…I love where I live and New Mexico is completely opposite of here.  However, it was so beautiful & I can’t wait to take Justin.  We plan to go out for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta someday :)

I guess I’ll quit babbling and let you see the photos…here are a few of my favorites…it was so neat to photograph with such different locations than I am used to. And light.  Wow, the light was definitely different than what I am used to.

One of the sweetest families I know!

I love this one…

The next two are some of my favorite photos of all time. Seriously.

Jeremy, Heather, Annie & Millie, thank you soooo much for showing me your home. I loved it so much and I can’t wait to visit you in San Antonio!! ;)

Next up…I had a layover in Minneapolis on my way home, so I met up with one of my 2010 wedding couples for an engagement shoot!!

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