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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Paige & Dan | Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Sweet, sweet Paige. I couldn’t stop smiling when I walked away from our first meeting.  She has one of those smiles that spread around…you can help but be happy around her.  We met up a few months ago and I was so excited that she brought her maid of honor…who I’ve already photographed a few times!  We all sat around and talked about the what will be the cutest hometown wedding with country charm…seriously, it’s gonna be so great!

Paige was set on 2 things for sure for her engagement photos. #1 She wanted to shoot at Adena Mansion & Gardens. #2 There’s gotta be snow :) You know I was all over both of those, especially since I hadn’t even photographed there before (we have 2 weddings there so far this year!).  Like all snow shoots, it took a bit of work to make all our schedules align.  Every time snow was coming into town, I was leaving!  We finally found a date, and frankly, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  The setting was amazing and I could shoot there everyday and still have new ideas…love that place!

Not only do I get to photograph Paige & Dan’s wedding, but I will also be photographing the wedding of Dan’s sister, Kim! It’s gonna be a great year :)

Paige & Dan…I can’t wait for your beautiful May wedding!!!

Sidenote: I have a folder on my computer full of photos of Justin & I shooting at sessions & weddings…some are cute, most are unflattering, but a few are pretty funny…

Here is a shot of me photographing the image above…

and yes, I left a little cold

…but I got the shot ;)

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McFadden Family – Snow Shoot! | Chillicothe Ohio Family Photography

I’m back!! In honor of my arrival back to Ohio, I thought the only appropriate shoot to post would be a snow shoot…cause I’m cold again! I know, it’s warm here…well, not if you just came back from Naples.  I had the most amazing time, and already started looking for tickets to head back this summer, and I might even take Justin this time ;)

Sadly, I didn’t take my camera, so I don’t really have any photos to share.  However, I am leaving again next week and promise to take plenty on that trip.  I spent my days soaking up much needed time with Allison & her wonderful family, helping with a beautiful beach front wedding with Ashley & Sam, eating, shopping…you know, the usual.  It was wonderful and I am already counting down the days till I go back.

Now…for why you are really here.  Pictures!  I was more than thrilled when the McFadden’s let me know that not only did they want a family shoot, but they wanted it in the snow.  We tried 2 or 3 times before our schedules aligned and the snow had fallen…but we couldn’t have chosen a better day.  The snow was deep and still stuck on the trees (the best kind).  We all hiked around their property and came up with this…

definitely a favorite…

See what I mean about the snow on the trees…

I am actually hoping to dye my hair that beautiful reddish/blonde color and follow them around in hopes that I can join their family. I mean seriously, look at them!


Totally appropriate:

Okay, now I am going to go outside and convince myself it’s warm…

*more snow shoots to come ;)

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Out of the office…and to the beach!

I just wanted to pop on here and let you all know that I will be out of the office from March 17-23 & then again from March 29-April 1st! My first trip will be to beautiful Naples, Florida to visit one of my very best friend/college roommate/so much more. We haven’t seen each other in over 2 years, and frankly, I just couldn’t take it any longer.  So I will be heading out on Wednesday for a visit.  However, I will be checking email often, so please feel free to email if you are looking to set up a spring photo shoot (April is starting to fill up!).

My next trip will be to Albuquerque, New Mexico to photograph some of my favorite clients!  This is be my first trip out west…actually my first trip farther than the tip of Missouri, so I am a little more than excited :)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions…email is a wonderful thing you know! By phone may be a little tougher, but you can still try and I will contact you as soon as I can.

Oh, and I’ll still be blogging, so don’t leave me till April…I have lots to show you still, and maybe even a few posts about my trips…

(this isn’t Naples…it’s Seaside…but you get the idea ;)

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Christa & Cory | Columbus Ohio Engagement Photography

Christa & Cory love snow.  Christa says that they are both winter babies (both born in February) and she really wanted to have snowy engagement pictures.  We knew we had to have the shoot done to get their save the dates designed, so we scheduled it for just a couple days after Christmas, and crossed our fingers.  Considering we hadn’t had much at the time, I wasn’t going to get my hopes up.  So, you could say I was a little excited when I woke up that day to some pretty great fluffy snow. Just enough for great photos, but not too much to make the roads bad for our trip up to Columbus.  We even had some start to fall at the end of the session, it was perfect.

They are one of the sweetest couples and I am so excited to be apart of their exciting year!  Thanks for a great shoot guys…and for letting me photograph Eva…she’s adorable!

Could this look any more cozy?! I’m thinking no.

Image credit: Justin, oh, and it just happens to be one of my favorites.  Sometimes I get a little jealous ;)

Image credit…you guessed it ;)  Justin.

Love this one:

Christa & Cory, you two are awesome…we had soo much fun on this shoot, and I know that your wedding is going to be even better!  How about you move it from November to…uh, next month? Great!

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Haas Family | Chillicothe Ohio Family Photography

It’s so hard to plan a photo shoot when members of your family are as busy as they are these days. One kid has practice, the other art lessons, another has a job…it gets tough.  Well, you know what’s harder.  When one kid lives in Indiana, one lives in Alaska and one is on their way to Texas soon.  So when Allison emailed me from Alaska and was trying to coordinate a time to get family photos taken…I was going to be there, who cares if it’s the day after Christmas. There are only so many chances to photograph this family together…unless they want to take me to Alaska next time they visit Allison ;)

The point is…family photos are important.  People are busy, but in 5 years you wont want to look back and think…did I really not have one evening to dedicate to documenting my family at the time.  I know I stress this all to often, but it’s also all to often that I see families go 5 to 10…to 20 years without a family portrait. It’s a shame, and I hope to be a small part in changing that habit.

I am positive that 30 years down the road, Jackson is going to call up his Aunt Allison and thank him for setting up a session…because when it comes down to it, he is going to love seeing his family when he was just 1 year old.

Love this shot of Jackson & his Great-Grandma.

Crazy cute.

Jackson…you are too cute for words!

Only one more 2009 post to go…then I’ll show you some from this year ;)

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