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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Little Miss Emmalyn | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photography

Remember this shoot?? The day I posted Heidi’s maternity photos on the blog, she went into labor to deliver the cutest little “Em” I’ve even seen.  Instead of rambling on like I typically do, I thought today I would let the images speak for themselves…and I may add a tad every now and then, but come on, you know me ;)

She is so precious.

Love this one…

Oh, I just love a good feet shot ;)


Heidi & Nathan have created the most warm & loving home for little Emmalyn to grow up in.  It’s just picture perfect!

I’ve said it a million times, but when a family finds their “family photographer”, it makes me so happy…and when it happens to be me, well, you know.  I’ve photographed Heidi & Nathan’s wedding, maternity shoot & now little Em. To see a family begin is one of the most amazing blessings in my life.  My next shoot with Em will probably involve a 4 year old, 2 year old & 3 babies under 6 months…you know I can’t wait for that one!!!

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Audrey & Muncie | Washington DC Engagment Photography

As a couple, Justin & I have traveled very little.  Other than our trip to TN for our honeymoon, we haven’t been able to take a trip together. Considering how much we both love to travel, we are working to fix this.  So needless to say, when sweet Audrey asked me if we would be willing to fly to Washington, DC, to do their engagement photos, I was nothing short of jumping up and down.  However, I calmly said, yes…we’d love to come. ;) Now that she knows me, I don’t mind admitting that…

Audrey & Muncie are both in law school in DC and wanted to have photos where they currently live.  We were going for a very “DC” look…and darn it, I think we got it.  I am so in love with these photos.  Not only because I really pushed myself to nail it in a city I’ve never “location-scouted,” but also because we left DC with two new friends.  I am beyond thrilled that after school and their wedding they will be moving to Louisville…it will be so much easier to meet up for dinner there. ;)

It’s a long post and I had a comment for almost every photo…but you really don’t want to know how many they have.  Fly me to a cool place, and frankly, your shoot will be slightly more than typical :)

Image credit: Justin….also happens to be one of my favorites :)

A little tribute to their soon-to-be home…

I love this so much I’m having it made into a canvas for my office. It comes tomorrow. :)

Justin did it again, beautifully, I might add:

A quick outfit change and we headed to Georgetown.  It’s one of the cutest towns I’ve every seen…I could photograph there forever!

The image on the left if my absolute favorite. It’s actually my favorite image of 2009. Yep, I went there.

The inspiration for the color palette for my dream house. I am in love.

We finished the day at the wine bar, Enology, where they had their first date.

Audrey & Muncie, thank you for being the couple that you are.  Thank you for bringing me to Washington to photograph this amazing time in your life.  I think it’s obvious that I am honored and I absolutely can’t wait for you wedding!  Is it August yet?

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