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I need your help! Now, please :)

Remember last year when I asked you all to find any friends or family that might be looking to adopt a new puppy to their family?  Well, I am going to do it again!  You just wont believe how cute these little pups are!  It’s taking every bit of self control that Justin and I have to not take one in (I’ve already picked one out…uh oh!)

My good friends & neighbors have rescued these little guys and have been taking care of them.  I just can’t get over how adorable they all are.  I think they look like little black bear cubs…soo cute!

It takes a lot to take care of puppies…trust me, we know.  We don’t know anything about these little guys except that they are cute :)  My neighbors have been taking such good care of them, and I just want to help them find good homes.  I remember how important it was for us to find great homes for our little labs, and we want these pups to find great homes too.  There is a slideshow below that shows some more photos, the second photo is a photo of the mother (a guess as to how big they may get), but they don’t know who the dad might be. We think there are 3 girls & 5 boys and we know that 4 love to play.  The others are a little shy, but I am sure they will warm up in no time.  The one I picked out is a little shy girl…so precious!

Watch this slideshow to see more cuteness… (the second photo is of the mother, just to see what size they may be)

If you know of a great home for any of these puppies, please email me at cassidy {at} cassidydawn {dot} com, and I will put you in contact with the great people that have rescued these angels.  Please, please help if you can!

Thank you!!!!