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Monthly Archives: February 2010

I need your help! Now, please :)

Remember last year when I asked you all to find any friends or family that might be looking to adopt a new puppy to their family?  Well, I am going to do it again!  You just wont believe how cute these little pups are!  It’s taking every bit of self control that Justin and I have to not take one in (I’ve already picked one out…uh oh!)

My good friends & neighbors have rescued these little guys and have been taking care of them.  I just can’t get over how adorable they all are.  I think they look like little black bear cubs…soo cute!

It takes a lot to take care of puppies…trust me, we know.  We don’t know anything about these little guys except that they are cute :)  My neighbors have been taking such good care of them, and I just want to help them find good homes.  I remember how important it was for us to find great homes for our little labs, and we want these pups to find great homes too.  There is a slideshow below that shows some more photos, the second photo is a photo of the mother (a guess as to how big they may get), but they don’t know who the dad might be. We think there are 3 girls & 5 boys and we know that 4 love to play.  The others are a little shy, but I am sure they will warm up in no time.  The one I picked out is a little shy girl…so precious!

Watch this slideshow to see more cuteness… (the second photo is of the mother, just to see what size they may be)

If you know of a great home for any of these puppies, please email me at cassidy {at} cassidydawn {dot} com, and I will put you in contact with the great people that have rescued these angels.  Please, please help if you can!

Thank you!!!!

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Angela & Jerry | Columbus Ohio Engagement Photography

Oh my goodness. I just love these two…um, three.

Meet Angela, Jerry & Winnie.  This cute family lives in Columbus, and we all got together last November to do engagement pictures.  When setting up the shoot, Angela asked if it would be okay for us to start at their house so we could get some photos with their lab. Um, really? If you know me at all, you know this question NEVER needs to be asked.  I would never, ever turn down a shoot with a pup…and with my new love of labs, I was a little more than excited.

Here is are a few of my favorites from their session…

Um. Adorable.

Angela and Jerry are big blue jacket fans…so they wanted to incorporate that into their session.  So not only did they wear their best blue jacket gear, we also shot all around Nationwide Arena.

This is when Angela informed Jerry that she had planned a little surprise for their shoot…

You could say he was excited ;)

Some ice on the ice ;)

Stay tuned for more of this too cute couple.  We just shot their wedding in January!

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Snow Shoots…crazy beautiful.

Ok, I’m going to interup my consistant posting of shoots to confirm a thought you may have had.  A few of you out there might have thought (in all this wintry bliss), wow, I bet this would be beautiful in photos.  Answer = you are right.

Here are two sneak peaks to show how great this time of year is to schedule your shoots.  Everyone loves the fall leaves, and don’t get my wrong, they are beautiful, I love them too…but honestly, this snow is so amazing!  On, that note, it is metling today.  So if you would like to set up a session to play in the snow for an hour or two, email me and I’ll get you on the list for when the next round comes in!

*Yes, I am secretly hoping we are done…I am completely ready for spring.  It’s beautiful, but it sure is cold.

More of these shoots coming soon ;)

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Layine Paige Ash | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photography

There isn’t any possible way I can sum up the way I feel about the Ash family in a blog post. Sorry, I just can’t do it. As you’ve probably read, Hayley & I have known each other since we were 4.  We met in “preschool Sunday school” and  other than my sisters, she is my oldest friend.  Do you know how amazing it is to watch one of your best friends get married & have babies…well, it’s amazing.

Early last year Justin & I were at the Ash home playing cards & Hayley kept knocking everything (and I mean everything) over. She casually mentioned that last time she was that clumsy was when she was pregnant with Sophie.  We all laughed about that, and continued our game.  When we got home Justin was just as clumsy…and he said, Hayley better be pregnant, cause if she isn’t, you are.

And here we are now. And I am happy about that on many levels ;)

I thought I should combine this post and just go from event to event…so get ready for some maternity pictures, hospital pictures & newborn pictures :)

The maternity shoot was actually pretty unplanned. I was in Columbus and had my camera, and Hayley had a feeling that Laynie wanted to make her arrival before our scheduled shoot.

Love these…

The minute Richard called me to let me know they were heading to the hospital I was putting on my shoes.  Of course I had to wait a couple hours till Justin got home from school…but I was so excited!  *and surprise…Laynie decided to come about 1 month early!

Love this too:

My favorite:

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Shannon & Ross – The Wedding | Louisville Kentucky Wedding Photography

I know, I know…I am still blogging events from last year.  November of last year to be exact.  However, I have a good reason…I couldn’t not post photos from this super sweet wedding.

Shannon & Ross were married on November 21st of last year, and it was such a beautiful day in Louisville, Kentucky!  Not only was it yet another day that Justin & I witnessed two people starting the rest of their lives together, it was also our first Jewish ceremony.  Going into the day, I didn’t expect there to be anything different…other than a fun dance at the reception.  I was wrong.  It was honestly one of the most beautiful & touching ceremonies I’ve even seen.  The traditions and symbolism involved in the wedding were so beautiful.  Well, and of course…how fun is that dance?!  When we left I asked Justin if we could get married again and have a Jewish ceremony. ;)

Here are a few of my favorites from the day…

Love this moment Justin captured.  Shannon, you are soo gorgeous! 

Justin again :)


I usually don’t post group photos, but I just loved the colors & the light here.

The Country Club was gorgeous! I loved the draping here…

Yep, that’s right.  Favorite ring shot so far.

Band 24/7 were so great…there’s just something about a live band!See, it’s fun, right?

Shannon & Ross…you two are so sweet together.  Thank you for having us there on your wedding day, it was so wonderful! I hope you aren’t too cold & buried in snow in Kentucky after your warm, beautiful honeymoon in Cancun!


Photography: Cassidy Dawn Photography ;)

Flowers: In Bloom Again

Reception: Standard Country Club

Cake: Jeanne Dauthitt

Ceremony Musicians : Highland Chamber Players

Reception Band : Band 24/7

Videographer : Abell Videographer

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