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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Joe – Senior 2010! | Chillicothe Ohio Senior Photography

First off I want to say, Happy 2010!!!  It’s gonna be an amazing year for Cassidy Dawn Photography and we are soo happy it’s here!  We’ve are currently halfway booked for weddings for the year, and lots & lots of inquires rolling in from the holidays, so be sure to email soon about your date before it’s gone!  We also have quite a few requests for fall photos…so if you were hoping to have a fall session, please let me know so I can get you on the list…if this year is anything like last year, the dates will go fast!

I’ve been missing on here lately (I warned you ;), but that’s only because of everything we have going on!  Not only was Christmas perfect (like always), I had the best New Year yet!  Actually, I kept forgetting that it was New Year’s Eve & Day…to me, it was moving day :)  We are thrilled to finally be living in our too cute little house and happy to be homeowners. Not to mention we finally have both pets under our roof…it’s too cold for my baby to be living outside ;) Thomas & Sayid are…um, co-existing…but I am sure they will soon become great friends…or at least acquaintances ;)  Oh, and thanks to all our family & friends that helped us move.  I was in awe all day at the love that was shown by them.  Not only did we have people helping us move everything we own (which is too much ;), but we had neighbors stopping by to welcome us (we go to church with most of our neighbors!), our friends/neighbors even fixed lunch for all our helpers (a yummy fish fry!).  I am telling you, I don’t think we could be in a better place.  Loving every minute of it :)

Okay, now onto what you really want to see…pictures! Right in the middle of fall this year I got to photograph Joe.  I’ve known Joe for a couple years now, and knew we would have a great time.  He’s crazy talented and he picked some amazing spots for our shoot.  Joe, you’re pretty great.  That’s all I have to say :)

My favorite!!  I’ve actually been wanting to shoot in a field like this for a while…thanks Joe :)

We had to sneak in a few of Cydney…she’s actually gone on a few shoots with me to help with the reflector.  She’s pretty great too.

Don’t forget, I’m leaving on Thursday for Nashville for a photo conference…so it will be boring on here again, but I am sure I’ll sneak on a time or two with updates.  I’m still posting shoots from October, so you can imagine how much I still have to show you!

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