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Monthly Archives: May 2009

a note to prospective clients…

Wedding month #1 is in full swing here at Cassidy Dawn Photography!  We have already shot 2 beautiful weddings, and still have 2 more to go before June!  I can’t wait to start sharing images with you all!

I did want to send out a little note to prospective clients.  If you are looking to book a family session in the next month or two…call now, lots of great dates are filling up…not many weekends left!    (I will shoot sessions on Saturdays if I don’t have a wedding)

Also, to the lovely brides of 2010…if you are thinking of a May 2010 wedding (which sounds dreamy) and hoping we could be there too…please call or email soon.  Inquires have been pouring in over the last few days and the month may book up very, very soon…

May is a beautiful month for weddings…for example:

chillicothe wedding photography

My days are so great…I get to spend them looking at beautiful couples in love…my job is the best!

*I promise, more from Jessica & Ben’s wedding is coming soon…very soon :)

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Jessica & Ben – sneak peak! | Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography

I am still dreaming of the beautiful wedding I photographed last weekend…I just had to share a sneak peaksneak-peak1

More to come soon!

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Rebecca – Senior 09 | Chillicothe Ohio Senior Photography

I couldn’t wait for this shoot!  Rebecca was one of Justin’s students last year in Maysville, Kentucky and she asked me early on if I would do her pictures…of course I would!  It was great to catch up with her and be back in our Kentucky home.  Maysville is one of the best towns for a photo shoot.  We did this entire shoot in the two blocks surrounding where Justin & I used to live…it was nice to be back!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day…and appartenly I was in a very vertical mood…

maysville kentucky senior photography

maysville kentucky senior photography

maysville kentucky senior photography

maysville kentucky senior photography

maysville kentucky senior photography

she’s a dancer, so you know i took advantage of that!

maysville kentucky senior photography

maysville kentucky senior photography

um…rebecca, you are gorgeous!

maysville kentucky senior photography

Thanks for a great shoot, and have a great time at Graduation!  Wish we could be there!

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Premiere Album – Laura & Rob

Laura & Rob’s Premiere Wedding Album came in not too long ago and I just had to share some images…



just a few of the spreads:


and here is the new packaging for the Hi Resolution Disc of images…I just loved how it turned out!


I love sending out these packages!

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flowers & a pup…


Last night Justin & I finally got around to planting the flowers that I bought for the porch.  Well, actually since I was loosing light…Justin was planting while I photographed a beautiful album that just came in (more on that later).

I was good and even though I didn’t want to…I snipped all the pretty little flowers off.  The lovely Mennonite girl told me to do this so they they didn’t look really stringy…they would be nice & full.  If I waited till they had stopped blooming it would be to late.  So I just pinched them all off :(

I certainly couldn’t just throw them out, so I searched the house for anything that could be a bud vase…quickly learning that I don’t have many.  I can now justify buying those too cute ones from IKEA :)

So in typical Cassidy fashion, I took photos…enjoy! bud1


OH, and I can’t believe I haven’t given you an update on our (but not really OUR) dog.  She’s not.  It’s official.  I called the neighbor to find out what her name was…and quickly not being a fan of that…I just continued to call her Honey, or Honeybelle, or whatever came out.  I figured since it’s no guarantee that she will always be around, I would just call her what naturally came to me.  She continues to ‘live’ here.  We continue to feed her & play with her…but we don’t continue to pick tons of ticks off her.  I dropped some cash on some frontline for her, so that problem is about gone!

We love her very much and Justin & Honey had a blast running circles around the house last night.  She’s very territorial too.  I think she comes from the same home that has a doberman/chihuahua couple (they run around together) and when they tried to come…she made it known that this is her spot…love it!  She’s here about all day, but I am not sure about the night…however she shows up every morning to look at me in the office & wag her tail.  I hope she continues to let us be her ‘day’ home.  She’s a great dog.

*and for those worried…the neighbor lets all his dogs ‘run free’, so it’s not as though we stole her…just to put your minds at ease :)


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