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Monthly Archives: April 2009

First Glance.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I *love* when my clients choose to do a first glance for their wedding day.  I *love* it.

It’s not just because photos are done before and everyone can relax the rest of the day, there is plenty of great light & lots more time to work with photos, it’s super romantic to see each other for the first time in private and be able to talk, or everyone can go straight to the reception without making all the guests wait….ok, maybe it’s those things just a little.

I know, I know – “but it’s tradition!”  Well, that doesn’t work for me…for our wedding we didn’t have a guestbook (photo booth instead), flower girls, or a ring bearer, no unity candle or bouquet & garter toss…I could go on.  I feel that if it’s not something that works with your day or is something that you don’t like, why bother?  The day should be exactly how *you* want it…it is your day.  In my mind it was far more romantic & exciting to spend the day with my husband-to-be, rather than hiding from him…but I do understand when couples prefer to wait.  It always comes down to a personal choice.

I decided to blog about this because I don’t think many people really think about it.  One of my beautiful brides for this year just decided it was the route to go for them, she just hadn’t thought about it before…so I thought – let’s educate!

Saundra Hadley is a wedding coordinator extraordinaire based in Evansville, Indiana.  We met recently at a blogging bootcamp I attended in Columbus this month.  I read a great series on her blog about seeing each before the wedding, and I just had to share the link with you all!  After you read part 1, be sure to continue to finish all 5…they aren’t long at all – just a small post of info.

First Glance series.

(I loved part three…I totally did that and didn’t even realize it till after!)

Now, of course when it comes to weddings with Cassidy Dawn, the photo timeline is planned down to the last little detail so we try avoid stress in any circumstance…no matter when you choose to do the photos.  It’s just great to have more time for photos of the bride & groom – I mean that IS what the day is all about, isn’t it?!

The most important thing about all this is to remember that it is your day, so plan it how you want it to be.  It will be perfect no matter what you decide, simply because it’s what you want.

Because posts are no fun without photos, I thought I would post a few from my first glance with my husband… *my favorite part of the day :)

*yes, those are flowers you see…he brought me yellow daisies…so sweet! first-glance1

Photos : the fabulous Melanie Mauer

Planning: the amazing Mackenzie Spalding

Flowers: uber talented Nathan Cutright (local, for all you Chillicothe brides!)

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Weekend in Florida!

I’m back!  Back in my office & refreshed from Florida!  I will say that I am sad it’s so rainy this week…I’ve got 5 shoots this week, and I was hoping the weather this past weekend would last a bit longer! So everyone cross those fingers that it starts clearing up soon!

I don’t have many photos to share, but I wanted to get a few up and say just a bit about my trip!

It was a weekend full of yummy food, sugar white sand, sunshine, family, meeting new friends & of course an awesome wedding…right on the beach!  Literally, I was barefoot on the beach during the reception!  I can’t say that happens much here in Ohio.

We arrived in Florida on Friday morning and spent the weekend relaxing and having fun with my cousin, Keith (I’m *so* happy you could come down!) before I went off to the wedding on Saturday.  It was great to have some beach time and catch up with one of my very favorite people!

I was also able to have dinner with Amanda & her husband and had a great time getting to know them – they are such a wonderful couple, and I can’t wait to meet up with them again when Justin & I make another trip down!  *Justin’s never been!

I promise to share a few photos from the beautiful wedding when I can, but for now…

The beautiful beach of Seaside Florida (Sunday morning, 7:30am).


My awesome Dad…I wouldn’t know where to start.  Thanks Dad, I love you!


Now you will have to forgive me…the next set of images was prepared for just 3 people…you know who you are.  The rest of you, sorry…it’s just a family thing :)


Have an awesome Monday!

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Road Trip!

picture-3 I am heading to Florida…and I’m so excited!

On Thursday my dad and I will be making the trek down to Florida for the weekend…and I can already feel the warm weather :)     *actually I just checked and the forecast is the exact same for bainbridge, ohio as it is for seaside, florida…however, it’s different when you can taste the sea salt ;)

I am going to be second shooting a wedding with the fabulous, Amanda Suanne of beautiful Destin, Florida.

The fact that I am shooting with her is amazing enough (not only is she super talented…she’s completely sweet,  we’ve never met, but I just know from our correspondence!), I am actually also fulfilling a dream of mine.

If you know my family at all, you know Destin has made a special place in our hearts.  We have vacationed there 9 times.  During all of these trips we always made a venture over to Seaside, Florida.  Seaside is a dream…perfectly lovely!  If you’ve ever seen The Truman Show then you’ve had a sneak peek of the town…and yes, it’s just that perfect!  I’ve always hoped to someday photograph in this little town….

Well, lucky little me!  I am heading down to second shoot what I know will be a beautiful wedding in Seaside, Florida!  I’ll be back on Monday…have a wonderful weekend…I know I will!

image credit (left: google maps; below:


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Jessica & Tom – Engagement! | Chillicothe Ohio Portrait Photography

Saturday was bliss…perfect weather, trees in bloom & a couple in love.  Have I mentioned that I love my job.

On Saturday I met up with Jessica & Tom in Athens to do their engagement photos.  The day was perfect.  They took me to amazing locations and it was a great time to get to know each other, I absolutely can not wait for their wedding in July!  These two are so in love, you can hear it when they talk to each other (I can hear Tom calling Jessica “sweetie” right now!), the way they hold hands & just by the way they look at each other.  I am honored to be there photographer and to be able to document this time in their lives.

They did say something that had me laughing- at the beginning of the shoot they told me that they aren’t photogenic…um, I think we can all agree that they are completely mistaken.

Oh, and I am sorry the post is so long, if you are thinking I posted a lot…imagine how many I gave them :)

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Jessica & Tom actually met while working at this library – so you know that was a must during the shoot!  It was the first quarter Jessica was there and they were working the same shift!

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

I saw the Grover Center and got so excited – “Jessica, they named that after you, we have to get a photograph there!”  Turns out, it really was named after her Great-Grandfather, Brandon Tad Grover Sr.!

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Love, love, love these!

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

And finally…my favorite image of the day:

Chillicothe Ohio Engagement Photography

Now after looking at these images, I am going to go curl up on the couch with my sweetie!

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Easter Morning


Our sunrise service may have been a little cold (27 degrees) and maybe a bit too early for me…but it was so worth it.  Have I mentioned lately that I love where I live ;)

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