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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Always moving on…

Because of our constant need for excitement, a bit of a.d.d…or always needing something big going on, Justin & I are moving again! Yep, I know, we are crazy.
The fact of the matter is that the Farmhouse is a bit too big for just two people and it’s going to be pretty hard to heat this winter (we spend our evenings now with hats & scarves on… and sometimes gloves, seriously.)
It just so happens that when it comes to living arrangements, we get the good end of the scale…we have been very blessed.
When I was on a photo shoot one day, I looked up and on a little cliff set the most beautiful little cottage. “That’s my dream house” – yep, that’s what I said. Well, you guessed it…that’s where we are moving. Just two days after we decided we wanted to move soon, this all fell into place – very cool!
Some good friends own the house and they are doing some major work on it before we move in, and we are so excited! Even better, I will have a Bainbridge address again, just as God intended ;)
We are actually going to begin a bit of the moving this week, but plan to do the majority over Thanksgiving. Prepare for many blog posts about the area! You might have thought I had some neat pictures from where we are now – it doesn’t even compare! Really, it is absolutely stunning there – a small, secluded paradise.

*Oh, also, because amazing homes or vacation places always have names, we decided the cottage needed a name (because it’s like a mountain vacation – you’ve got to see the views), hence “the cottage at pine ridge”.

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Our Kitchen…

I mentioned a few posts ago that I would share some photos of the work we had done on our kitchen here at the farmhouse. So, here you are :)
Before:Justin said it was like standing in a watermelon.Oh, and we can’t forget the results of what a little Clorox will do:
I blogged a while back (here) about these great flowers and I LOVE how they turned out! So cute!We decided that we would go with a light gray color to work with the floors and door (and tone the place down just a tad…and it’s my favorite color :)

I love my baker’s rack, oh and see the painting by our friend, the amazing Ken Swinson (we have 5 pieces of his work…and I still have more that I want on my list!)

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64′ & 76′

My dear friend Hayley has been putting her family in the yearbookyourself website this evening and putting them on her blog…I just had to do it for myself.

So here you go…this is Justin in 1976 & me in 1964.

How funny!

*Justin’s just makes me laugh everytime…really, really loudly :)

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A shoot at the Brick!

A few weeks ago, I got together with Lindsay & Brian and photographed his family! His mom Patti is actually the owner of the beautiful Sunroom @ the Brick in Frankfort, so of course that is where we decided to do the shoot. I just thought I would share a few of my favorites…My favorite…I love this wall!Don’t forget about the Christmas deadline…it will be fast approaching, feel free to email if you have any questions!

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Print Order Deadline!

November 23rd is our deadline for Christmas print orders. If you are hoping to have your prints in order for Christmas please place your order by November 23rd…there will be *no* exceptions!
All events from this year have been re-posted online, so if you wanted to order more images but your gallery had expired, it’s back! Feel free to email me if you have forgotten your password. *the galleries will expire after January 1st (it says, 9 weeks…but it’s wrong).
Email me if you have any questions. If we have had a session and you haven’t seen the proofs, they will be coming in time for you to place your order for Christmas, no worries!

I hope everyone is having a great day…Justin’s off and we are working on our latest project…more details on that soon!!!

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