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Monthly Archives: October 2008

09 Senior: Zach

What a great time! I was told before the shoot that Zach wasn’t really into getting his photos done (it was a ‘for mom’ thing), but I don’t believe it. He was great and I loved the images we got (and I am pretty sure he had a good time ;)
Zach’s girlfriend Rachel was also there (which I loved, you wouldn’t believe the smiles she could get out of him! it was great). I grabbed this shot while Zach was changing his shirt…isn’t she gorgeous!Future seniors – if you want to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend along…it’s ok, really, I don’t mind! I love having someone else there to help get great expressions!

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work space

I read a lot of blogs. Really, a lot. I always love when people post images of where & how they live. It is so great to see what makes people happy and what they like to have around day to day. I thought I would give you just a little glimpse of where I spend my day (when I am not photographing). This is my workspace and little details that help me get through the day, like my favorite flowers, clipboard schedule, brand new comfy office chair, my mac workhorse (I don’t know how I worked without it!), and a couple flea market finds.
*That great photo is of my parents a few years ago ;) It is my favorite picture of them!

**I also have a few other spaces I plan to share (we finally painted & finished the kitchen!) Stay tuned!

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It’s here!

Yay! My new website is live! You must head over and explore! I am so excited to finally have a website that reflects my style & business. I hope you all love it as much as I do! Let me know what you think!
View the new site here.*There are a few things that need adjusting (splash page, header), but I was so excited I just wanted you all to see it! Thanks for being so supportive and reading my blog!

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09 Senior: Katy

I have been waiting for this particular shoot for a very long time! If you follow this blog at all, you know or have caught on to the fact that I have the most supportive family ever! Hence, all my amazing cousins that have chosen me to photograph their senior pictures.
This family is more than just my aunt, uncle & cousins. They are closer than those titles. Growing up everyone thought that Lindsay (the oldest) was our sister…we were always together. They took me on one of my favorite vacations ever with them – Maine, I love Maine. They just live right across the road and always have sugar or potatoes or whatever we are out of, and they don’t mind sharing.
I love this family so, so much.
And, I love these photos.

The best part is that we aren’t done. We are having another session this winter! I *love* winter sessions!
Thank you Katy! You rocked this session!
*Oh, be prepared for a photo overload – I couldn’t just pick a few.

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Just wanted to say happy birthday to my *amazing* mother! She is with out a doubt the very best and I love her so very much!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Here is a little sneak peak of our recent family photo shoot…more on that later!

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