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Monthly Archives: September 2008

much better!

I have been working on a new blog for quite a while now, and although there are a few more things I want to change, I had to switch now. I couldn’t take my old look much longer! I think this suits Cassidy Dawn Photography much better! There are a few things different. For instance, the archive, bio & info are now at the bottom of the page. Eventually, there will also be a ‘labels’ section so that it will be easier to find particular posts…that will come soon. There are also important links at the top for the Website, Slideshows, and Proofs!
I just needed a cleaner look…something that focuses on the photos, and I love it!

Like I said, a few things on it will be changing, but I am happy to have a new look in place! Next up: Website!

*if you are on rss feeds or google reader, be sure to hop over to the site to see the new look!

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I should be sleeping…

but I can’t. It’s 1:45 am and I am editing photos because I couldn’t sleep. I am working on some senior photos, and stumbled upon a “mistake”. I caught this image right before I corrected my exposure…but I love it! Just thought I’d share… More on him soon!

Ok, now I think I will force myself to sleep, lots to catch up on tomorrow now that I have my computer back!

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I’m still here!

Apologies for the lack of posting.
As you may have noticed I have been in Bardstown, Ky off and on for the past two weeks, well I am back and expected to be back to blogging…however, Ike (the storm) has had a different plan. We had such strong winds the other day that it knocked our power out. I think most of Ross County is back on, but sometimes there is a price to pay for living out in the boonies (like we love). Hopefully we will have it back soon, but for now I am bouncing around on a laptop trying to keep up with everyone, so if I haven’t returned emails or calls, please know I am trying!
Although I haven’t been updating here, trust me, there is lots of updating going on elsewhere! Cassidy Dawn Photography has some exciting things in store, including a fresh look to the blog & website, and maybe a few more things! It may be a while, but it’s coming, promise ;)

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being grateful.

I have been blessed with the people in my life. I have always been surrounded by the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to family, friends & mentors. A particular person in my life taught me so much about being grateful. It wasn’t all from the conversations we had (we had many), but it came from watching how she lived her life and how she handled everyday things. She was always thankful, thankful for everything. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the people in my life and I decided it was time for me to focus on the many things they have taught me, whether they know it or not.
Every month I am going to take one person that has made a difference in my life and think about them everyday. Every time I think of something I have learned from them, something that has resulted because of them…or frankly, any good thoughts I will write them down and at the end of the month they will have a letter from me thanking them for being in my life and letting them know what an impact they have had on me.

I am not posting this to ‘toot’ my own horn, it is simply one thing that I think could make this world a little more peaceful…can’t everyone use a little smile, whether it comes from thinking about someone or from receiving a letter.

Smiles are good, we need more of them.

Apologies if you expect to receive a letter and it doesn’t come…it’s not that I am not grateful for you, I am. It is simply because of two things: 1.These will be in *no* particular order whatsoever. 2.I can honestly say that I have no idea how long it will go on…but it’s worth it to try!

Have a blessed (and grateful) day!

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what a day!

Today Justin and I joined up with my cousin Lindsay and our friends Kara & Seth and went to King’s Island! I have been wanting to go since our last trip over 5 years ago…it didn’t disappoint, actually it was one of the most fun days I’ve had in a while! Not only were we with great people, it was “GE” day (Seth works for GE) so we went when the park opened and had hardly any lines! By the time we were leaving it was getting a little more crowded, but our longest & only wait time was no more than 15 mins! *and it was for my favorite ride, so it was worth it!
I snapped a few pictures…while we weren’t upside down :)
Here are a few from the day:

A not so great group picture to start the day! Sorry Justin!The second ride of the day: Just the girls!Seth & Kara on The Beast:Justin & Lindsay: *nice hair babe ;)Funny story about this one. We decided to go on the White Water Adventure right before we left. Knowing that we had over a good hour to ride home, I was not really looking forward to getting wet. As we walked the long walk back, some people were dry, and some soaked. Kara really, really wanted to get soaked…I did not.
Well, of course you can guess what happened. Kara was wet enough that she was dry half way through the park…I was still quite wet when we arrived home hours later (we made a few stops too). Oh well, at least it felt good for a couple minutes :)
*you can’t tell from my dark clothes…trust me, I was soaked!
We had a great time, I’m already counting down to next year!

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