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Monthly Archives: September 2008

how to

I’ve had a couple of emails on the picture arrangement I previously posted…well, I was prepared! I actually took pictures of the process to blog, because I think it makes it so much easier on you and the walls. If you simply trace around your frames on paper then tape them to the wall, you can move them around until you know where you want them exactly! Trust me, it makes the entire process much easier.
* I even put thumbnail images on the paper so I could decide what image went next to each other…but that is a minor detail that is really not necessary.
Ok, tip of the day over. Back to work :)

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print those photos!

I think it is so important to surround yourself with good thoughts and memories…a good way to do this – photos! I think it’s so great to have photos everywhere, surprise, surprise :)
I just got some of my wedding photos printed for a big wall arrangement I have been aching to do for soo long, so I thought I would give you a peak inside our house full of photos. It’s *so* great to be in a house where we can hang things on the wall…I am such a happy girl!

*no judging the wall paper…not my choice! it may be gone come spring ;)
Every time I walk by this wall I smile…I love my wedding photographs (photography by the fabulous Melanie Mauer).A few 8×10’s weren’t going to cut it on this mantle in the bedroom…I found these great frames in Kmart (remember that story) for just $10! I knew all along with photo would be in it…I love how it turned out! Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to print your photos. The bigger the better, and how great is a big collection on one wall?! Love it!

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we’re back!

That’s right, I’m back from Kentucky…and yes, you read right…we’re back! Not only am I back, more exciting is that tonight is the season premiere of The Office! So great! We are even having pizza night in honor of it!
So to all you fellow office fans, enjoy the show!
*and to those who aren’t…are you kidding me?!

*yes, I realize how old this picture is…it’s the first one I found.

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gone again…

I am heading out again in the morning! I am going back for a quick trip in Bardstown, KY, again, but I’ll be back on Wednesday. I’ll be checking email while I am gone, so if you’ve got a question, or want to schedule a session (October is getting *full*, so if you are wanting those beautiful fall leaves – which are already beginning to turn – definitely let me know soon!)…shoot me an email, and we will get it taken care of!

Because I couldn’t post without a photo, I wanted to share this photo of a recent wedding. Laura & Rob were married in Northern Ohio a couple of weeks ago, and I just *love* this image of them! *I know it’s on my new header…but if you haven’t seen my new header, it’s new to you :) More to come of this sweet couple soon! Have a great few days, I’ll be back to blogging on Thursday!

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Michael is from Minnesota and while he was in town a few weeks ago to visit family, we met up to do his senior photos. It was a great shoot, with great light…and not to mention a killer location in right in Bainbridge! He was so easy to photograph and i think they turned out great. I did feel so bad though, right when we got to our second location he was stung right under the eye…really, on the eyelash part…it was awful! Although it didn’t really phase him, we did have to speed it up do to some swelling! Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.
This is from my new favorite location! We had great light there too, couldn’t ask for anything better!

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