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Monthly Archives: August 2008

heading north!

Just wanted to post a quick note that we’ll be out of town through the weekend to photograph a fabulous wedding in Northern Ohio!

Have a great weekend! We’ll be back Monday!

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website update!

Just a quick note to say that the website galleries have been updated…it was long overdue! Be sure to check them out when you get a chance.
Cassidy Dawn Photography

Have a wonderful rest of the day. And to all you Southern Ohioans…enjoy the rain!!! It’s about time!

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Berry Family

What a shoot! Really, as I got in the car after we had finished, I took a deep breath and just smiled at Justin. I am so thankful that such wonderful people allow me to photograph their families, and children, and weddings. I am so very blessed.

This was my second time photographing at The Ohio State University and we thought it would be appropriate since many of them went to school there, and a few of them work there! I was thrilled with the locations that we were using…everything was so beautiful. At the end we headed to the stadium to do a few shots outside. Little did I know, we where about to finish off the shoot with a rare opportunity…and into the stadium we went! We had the whole place to ourselves (a big thank you to the man at the gate), and I was thrilled!

The shoot was a gift for the mother, what a sweet idea. Thank you for not only wanting to document your family, but for allowing me to photograph. It was an honor.

(i have a sequence of this…so fun!)

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sneak peak: berry family

I wanted to share a sneak peak from a photo shoot last weekend. The family was fabulous, the weather was great, and *love* the images! I wanted to share at least one for now…more to come! Have a great weekend!!!

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Happy 1st Day of School!

Happy 1st Day of School to anyone that involves! I don’t know if I officially announced on the blog where Justin is teaching this year. He is now teaching at his Alma mater, Adena High School! This year he is teaching Sophomore English II, and a class that involves Journalism, Creative Writing, Speech & Reading. He’s on an amazing staff and is really looking forward to the year!
Most would think that only new mothers take photos of their child on their first day of school…..not here! Here is Justin on his first day of school, he’s so cute :)

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