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Monthly Archives: July 2008

there is a bug where???

You have to see this video! I was working on few things on my laptop and noticed a speck on my screen, so I tried to wipe it off…it didn’t come off. Then it started to move! It was obviously a bug, not just some computer thing, but an actual bug in the screen. I had open an email and it was moving under the letters! I know this is hard to believe, so I took a video for those that need proof. I know from the video it just looks like a moving speck, but I promise, if you had seen it, you’d agree. I had a bug in my screen.

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camping, part 2

Here are the other photos I promised from the weekend trip!

Our neighbors (this thing had a flat screen tv come out of the side…it was crazy!)Loved this shot of Maddie!Tate:
Heading down to the lake for Tate to cool off:
“Please Uncle Matt…”
Maddie was learning to ride her bike, and I love this set of photos of her progress! She was a pro by the time we left! Yum!

A good campfire is a must.
I am guess I should explain this next set of photos. Jerry & Lou Ann found these ridiculously comfortable chairs and I started taking photos of people in them, before long I had everyone! A few of us found ourselves sitting/laying for quite a while because we knew as soon as we would get up, someone else would get it! They were amazing!

Justin will soon have a recap of the weekend on our blog (for those that don’t know, we have a personal blog for family & friends to keep up with the random things we do…Justin’s in charge over there, one is enough for me :) *and don’t feel bad if I hadn’t told you about it…this is the first anyone has heard of it ;)
Our Blog.

And if you are really bored you can see all the images on our Picasa site (and no, these aren’t photoshopped…sorry
Camping photos on Picasa

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camping, part 1

I know I promised to post photos from our camping trip this past weekend, but the day took a turn, and my list of to-do’s had to be pushed back till tonight. So this will be a two part post. I thought I would share my favorite nature shots tonight, then I promise to have others tomorrow. The camp site was beautiful and the light was amazing…here are just a few.

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whitney & damon – slideshow

Just wanted to share a slideshow from Whitney & Damon’s wedding. Enjoy!

Check back tomorrow for photos from our weekend camping!

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off for the weekend!

We’re going camping for the weekend and just wanted to share a photo from the farm. I have had a fascination lately for Queen Anne’s Lace and I am doing a photo study on it, here is one of my favs so far.
Have a great weekend!

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