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Monthly Archives: July 2008


If you read my little ole’ blog much you know that Justin & I our house sitting this summer. Well, this week we were able to get into our new place (for when we are done here) to see what we need to do and start moving things in. Our landlord put down all new carpet, so while Justin was vacuuming, I thought I would attack the kitchen. The kitchen has pink counter tops, and green walls…I know, right? Well, luckily he doesn’t mind if we paint, actually he prefers it for that room :) So I had matched up a color that I thought would work with the cabinets and tone down the counters a bit. Then later I started to clean…I sprayed just a little bit of Clorox on the cabinets and was astonished at what I saw…needless to say, I need to pick a new color! I thought I would eventually need to repaint them, who knew that a little Clorox could do this! Here is a picture of our farmhouse…we really love it, I have so many plans for decorating :)
If you’re bored, and slightly interested, you can see more photos at our picasa site (under ‘the farmhouse’). Have a great day…mine will be full of cleaning supplies :)
*Oh, and two points for me…I just realized I have posted more this month than any other month! Yay!

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We’ve got some fun news regarding the slideshows. I have had a requests to watch them online, so instead of having to search for them on the blog, we’ve made a site just for slideshows:
Also, each shoot has their own slideshow page. For instance, The Reed Family site is,, pretty cool, huh?!
I am working on getting the rest of them to be nice and clear…and big, but it may take a bit…but they’ll get there!
There is a link on the side of the blog that will take you right to the page (just look for slideshows) or you can type in the address. I’ll keep adding them when I’ve got them!

Have an amazing day and hope you enjoy the show!
*it may take a minute to load…you may want to press pause until it is finished loading.
**this size it a bit to big for the blog, so you may want to click on the link to see it fully!

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reed family

As promised, here are a few of my favorite family shots from the Reed Family shoot.
We had amazing light toward the end of the shoot:Todd really liked this room and wanted a photograph of them in it. I absolutely love how it turned out. It is so great when my clients have ideas and want to capture places that are special to them!
These next two are some of my favorites of the entire shoot! Who says a family portrait needs to be stiff…I love these!!!
*yes, the pictures are growing, I am constantly figuring out ways to make them larger…so no worries, you aren’t imagining it :)

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too much cuteness!

Guess who’s one???
Cash is!

So in honor of this, I’ve decided to show many, many photos for this post…well, partly for that reason, and partly because I also couldn’t decide which ones to show…and truth be told, there are sooo many more! I absolutely loved this shoot, perfect day, perfect location, and an unbelievable family!
This shoot was to mark Cash’s 1st birthday, take business photos for Todd, and a few family shots…well I think I went overboard on the last one…I couldn’t stop! They are such a great family and I hope they can treasure these photographs for a very long time. Because of the overload of photos I want to share, I am spreading them out…today is Cash, tomorrow the family, and the next day I’ll post the slideshow (and some exciting news about slideshows!) So keep coming back!

I love this image, so classic.
Um, this one too :)How cute is this shot of Cash & Jamie!Breanna (my cousin) is also a cousin to this amazing family! She spends so much time with these boys, it was only right to have her in some shots!
I’ve also decided that Bre should get an award from CDP:
Most Appeared on the Blog in a Single Year!
The best part…she’s not done yet…I have another shoot with her tomorrow to celebrate an awesome accomplistment in her life! Keep an eye out for more of her! love this!
To the Reed Family, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer to capture such a great time in your family’s life, I am so grateful! I love that you treasure photographs as much as you do…you are a family after my own heart.
I can’t wait for our fall shoot! I told you they were amazing…they want to do another shoot this fall!!! You know I love that!

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a silver lining

It’s strange how things work out sometimes…especially when you didn’t see it coming.

Some of you may know that my twin sister, Whitney, moved away after she got married. Damon got a job in Indiana, and so they have moved 6 hours away. I was definitly not happy about the situation, but I had been prepared and knew it was coming…there was simply nothing I could do about it. So the weekend before we moved back to Ohio, I took my sister’s little purple car six hours away so that she could start her new married life.
The next weekend Justin & I moved back to Ohio, and it was a glorious time (we had been waiting to offically do that for 5 years!) Kentucky is great, and the people are fabulous, but there is nothing like your home, and my heart is and will always be in Southern Ohio…trust me folks…it’s better than we give it credit! We were back and enjoying life at home when more news hit. Apparently Indiana is the place to be because my older sister, Chelsea, announced she and her husband Matt would be moving, too. However there wasn’t as much time for easing into this one for me. Matt was offered an amazing job and couldn’t turn it down. He moves on Sunday (Chelsea will follow soon). I had about a month to adjust to the situation…but frankly, I was so excited to come home, and now my best friends are moving away. I mean come on…Indiana!
Anyway, today I found a silver lining. Besides the fact that I know they will be back (you will be coming back!), they really are still really close. I don’t mean distance (I know to some that 6 hours & 3 hours isn’t far…but give me a break…I just got back! It is going to be much harder for impromptu Chinese nights!). Today Justin and I were having a debate about another random conversation. To prove I was right (like always) I knew just who would know the answer. Whitney. So I called her up and my answer was confirmed…of course. So even though my sisters are leaving, I know that I can still find out the answer to my oh so random thoughts.
So thank you Whitney for knowing that ‘Hanging with Mr. Cooper’ took place in Oakland, CA, and and thank you in advance to Chelsea for answering my hypochondriac type questions.
I love you both and can’t wait till you are home again.

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