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Monthly Archives: May 2008

something’s coming…

something new is coming very soon, and I am extremely excited to show you!
here’s a sneak peak :)
…i know, vague right?!

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a good day.

Oh, that’s right. I went. Can you believe that it took me over 2 months to get IKEA? Me either. Well, Justin had the day off (election day in KY), and I had a photo seminar in Cincinnati that evening, so we took the whole day and took care of things. That included a much delayed trip to IKEA, a mall or two (I needed some makeup), and a trip to one of our favorite restaurants…Cheeseburger in Paradise (their burgers are amazing…oh, and the sweet potato chips…ok, back the point). Thankfully we didn’t spend too much at IKEA, but made quite the list of things that we want! *Yes, that is me in the first picture….it’s called photoshop folks :)

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Just a note to say if you haven’t been to my website in a while, go check it out! I’ve updated a few galleries and finally added an about me section…I know it was *way* over due! I am still working on it, but at least I’ve got something! Anyway, be sure to check it all out! (

Oh, and I just finished looking through the latest Martha Stewart…it made me *so* happy. So many great things. From beautiful lanterns, a fun ice cream treat, cute trip mementos, to an entire article on lemonade! and beautiful white flowers & glass containers…I could keep on going…oh my goodness, and pie! so many different types of pie! Seriously, it just put me in the best mood! (melanie, I thought of you throughout the entire magazine!)

and just because I didn’t want to post without an image, here is one from an evening walk with Justin this week:

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i love….

If you are looking for a place to spend some time on the Internet, head over to Paper-Source. It is one of my favorites, there are so many great items on this site. I also love paper, and this is the best place for me to find it. The color choices are fabulous (ps collection), I use them as a template anytime I am designing something! That is how I came up with the colors for CDP!
You can find some of the stationary at local stores. One in particular is Paper Thread in Columbus (located in Polaris Fashion Place). It is one of my all time favorite stores and I can’t wait till my next visit!
Have fun browsing!

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i’ve been published…internationally!

Not only am I privileged to photograph such wonderful people, I also have been known to photograph a miniature here and there. Maysville, Ky has one of the most amazing miniature exhibits in the world, and I have been honored to work for them and photograph the remarkable pieces that are displayed there. You should definitely make a trip here to see this exhibit-you will be floored. I promise. Miniatures aren’t “doll houses”, these pieces are absolutely stunning and the craftsmanship put into each piece is exquisite. It really is a must see, you will not be disappointed.

Ok, enough of my commercial. Not only do I get to wonder around and look at everything, I also get to photograph them. My photos have been published in a Miniature magazine in Spain! So neat! I wanted to share just a few photos of it (I had 31 photos in all, including the cover, and I thought that would be a bit excessive to share :)

*let me know if you are interested in coming, I’d be happy to send you information or directions…or maybe even give you a tour!

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