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Monthly Archives: April 2008

shower/party ideas

This weekend, the Hall girls threw the last couples shower that we “had” to throw! Yes, it was Whitney’s turn. Whit & Damon are getting married at the end of May and we had a great time on Saturday celebrating that fact. (Couples Shower – it’s only fair to have the guys come, too!)

I’ve been involved in a shower or two in my day, and I know how hard it is to come up with unique ideas, so I thought I would share a few we did this weekend.
First, centerpieces are such a pain! Really, if you don’t want to spend the money on flowers (that are only going to wilt pretty quickly), what on earth do you do. Well, what’s your theme?

Whitney & Damon are moving away to Indiana after the wedding, so we thought that it would be appropriate to have a moving theme. The idea was for each guest to bring packing supplies to help with the move (along w/ a gift). (for Chelsea’s shower everyone bought cleaning supplies that started with their name *Cassidy – Clorox, you get the idea – she now has enough to last for two years, and I got recipes – because of my desire to learn to cook…I am still working on that).

Well, as it turns out, Damon’s new employer is sending a moving company to pack up everything for them…so they didn’t need it, but we went on with the theme anyway.
So here is my version of a centerpiece for a packing themed party:
Another fact about us is that we aren’t big fans of games. I’ve told you about the index card idea already…but we wanted another little activity.
Insert art project!
I bought a canvas, painter’s tape, and different shades of blue (their favorite color), and we came up with a unique guest book idea. Now, it doesn’t say who was there, but everyone at the party had a part in it because we all painted an area on the canvas. Here are some pictures (since my description was awful :)
in process (apologies to my wonderful aunts for posting this picture…I had to show the process:)finished product!

*this photo has nothing to do with the shower, but one of my favorite clients was there, and I loved this picture of her, little miss sophie!
and last but not least, my awesome sisters! *for those that don’t know, the order is Chelsea (oldest), Whitney (my twin) & me! that’s more like it!

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Schoolhouse Electric Co.


I found this site while browsing one day and *loved* their products. I am a sucker for antiques and I love the look of these lights. Head over there and browse around, I am sure you’ll find one you like. And hey, the colors are so CDP friendly!
Schoolhouse Electric Co.

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save the date cards

I love designing special things for my clients. Whether it is a holiday card, announcement or save the dates, I really try to convey the feel of the event for them. Here is a custom designed save the date postcard for an upcoming wedding. The blue color and letter ‘G’ is a theme for the couple and I think it worked great on the card.

If you are in need of any type of custom designed card soon, just let me know! There are more occasions than you think that you can take advantage of it…I am working on a “new address” card at the moment!Photobucket

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there’s just something about spring

*photos from my photo field trip today

more exciting news: larger blog images & a new header!!!

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another great product

Thanks so much for the votes! I really do appreciate it. I was also pleased with the results! By personal stories, I meant my random thoughts and ideas…and that got the highest! That’s the easiest one for me to think up, and today’s post is just that!
The second was personal photos. I have actually been taking a lot of spring photos and plan to share them all soon.
I was also excited for the CDP photos, and since there were so many I can’t wait to hear from each of you that voted. I expect you to set up a session in the near future (I can’t blog them if I don’t have them, silly ;) So hope to hear from you all soon!

Tonight I wanted to share one of my favorite products. Cucina! You may have seen these around, Anthropologie carries many of them along with Ivy’s and All About Cooking (for all you near Chillicothe). I love the scents and how they make your hands feel oh so soft.
I’ve got the Lime Zest & Cypress Hand Wash for the Kitchen (made with Olive Oil!) and the Coriander & Olive Tree Hand Butter (I love that the smell isn’t too overwhelming on this one).

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing Spring weather. I am planning a little photo field trip tomorrow that I am very excited about!

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