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Monthly Archives: January 2008

website update

Just wanted to let you know that I did a little updating on the website. I wanted to include a bit more in some of the coverage fees (especially weddings), so you can check any updates here. I’ve also added a couple new products! Feel free to look around…there are a few new pictures, too!

*oh, and I promise, I’m working on the bio :)


I’ve made a new desktop background today of pictures from my wedding pictures and liked it so much that I decided I will be making them for my wonderful clients, too! If we’ve had a session and you would like one, just send me an email and I will put one together, and for upcoming sessions you can just expect one!
Here is one I made for Matt & Chelsea:

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a shower idea.

My sister and I are in the beginning stages of planning our other sister’s wedding shower for the spring (yes, it’s early, but apparently they did mine very last minute and she didn’t want to do that again). *sidenote, no one would have ever known, it was such a great shower! we even had a sundae bar!

Anyway, for any of you out there planning to throw a shower soon, I thought I would tell you one of my favorite things about ours. We had a couple’s shower, which was great because everyone was invited and Justin got things, too. Instead of playing a game (yuck), my sisters had everyone take an index card and write a message for us for a particular occasion. Then on an envelope they wrote the occasion and we aren’t supposed to open them until it happens. Some may open them all right away, but not us, we are really doing it and it has been so fun.

People are pretty creative too, and I have a feeling we will still be opening them for a while (hopefully, Hayley!), some of the occasions we got were:


First trip back home (to Ross County)
First trip to the beach
The next time you lock your keys in the car or truck (nice, dad…and no it hasn’t happened…yet)
Fist time you build something together
First home
First meal that Cassidy burns (not yet!)
Cassidy’s first experience with morning sickness
… and many, many more.

It has been so great to open them and we have loved every response, it really makes us remember that we truly have the best family and friends ever!

So, all that was to say, it is a good ‘game’ to play. *Sorry to spoil it Whitney :)

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1st house guests!

Justin & I had our first overnight house guests this weekend! Matt & Chelsea wanted to get out of town for a bit, so they headed down our way. We had a great time, and our place already seems a little empty. We can’t wait to be closer and have the chance to hang out more. I thought I would share a few pictures from the day.

We went to an antique store in Ripley, to see if we could find anything good (I got a great frame there not too long ago).
Chelsea and I loved these (we used to have really big ones and wore their costumes for Halloween one year!)
Matt, being Matt.
How awesome is this purse??? It really is (or was) a working phone!
We stopped by Justin’s classroom on the way to pick up our Chinese food.
Typical, Chelsea paying attention…Matt asleep :)

The boys did their fair share of computer time.Very tired and trying to stay warm (our apartment is very, very cold).

Group picture before they left.
Thanks for coming, it was so nice to have visitors!

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great idea!

I was so excited when I saw this on the news last night, I just had to share.
I find it *so* important to educate kids about the reality of finances. The truth is most just don’t know. Knowing what it is like after leaving college with quite a bit of debt, I am trying to encourage teenagers to look at the whole picture when choosing colleges. I am not saying don’t go to your dream school because you can’t afford it, but I am saying do the research. Is there a school that offers the same education you need for your field for less? Maybe going there for a couple years then transferring, or staying the entire time, may not be as bad as you think. Or what about taking more classes to graduate early? And when you think you can’t apply for any more scholarships, apply for 30 more, I’m not kidding. The big thing is that you must look at your job prospects for when you leave; are you going to be able to afford large loan payments for 20 to 30 years?
(No matter how low you can get the payments, it’s still more than you expect.) Most high school seniors don’t look at it that way, but trust me, you need to.
I could talk about this all day, really, just ask my cousins. ;) The point of this post is that I am thrilled that there will be mandatory personal finance classes in high school by 2010 in Ohio. The bill was sponsored by Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray.
Read a full story here.
Good job Ohio; I fully believe this was more than necessary.

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I know what you’ve been thinking? All these girls are lovely, but do you not photograph guys? Enter Ben, one of the brave ones. We did this shoot just around the new year and let me tell you, it was cold! Ben was a trooper, and very good at the poses! I had a great time photographing him, and I love what we ended up with! How do I get so lucky in photographing so many good looking seniors?!

My favorite: Not your typical senior picture, but I still like it:

Most people think you need leaves on the trees for a good shoot, not true. I absolutely love how they look in this shot.

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