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Monthly Archives: November 2007

time for a change

As you all know, tomorrow is (for me) the beginning of the Christmas season. I know for most it is the day after Thanksgiving, not me, it is not until December 1st in my book! Even though I went against everything I’ve said and I put up our tree last night (but I had good reason, I needed to know if we needed more lights, and I’d have to get them later today). Anyway, the tree isn’t done, just standing, pathetic, but it’s up. I promise to post pictures of our sadly decorated place once it’s done (we don’t plan on spending money on too many decorations this year). It is almost that wonderful month of hot chocolate, getting cards, family, Kenny & Dolly (sorry folks, it’s not the Christmas season without them, right Allison :)

Anyway, now for the dorky reason for my post. I am on my computer constantly, really from when I get up to when I go to bed (we work a lot!), and because of this my background gets boring. I am not like many, I am not a fan of the bright pictures of people or places on my computer. I actually just have my logo most of the time. Well, after I made our Christmas cards this year, I took the background of it and made one for my computer. I decided to share it in the spirit of giving. So for those that want it too, feel free to click and save it. Now I have to go find my Kenny & Dolly CD for decorating tomorrow…

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such a cutie!

Just a quick post to show you one of my favorite images from a session over the weekend… I love this, I don’t think she could be any more adorable!

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get your prints in time for Christmas!

For those of you hoping for prints for Christmas, please be sure to order them before December 11th. The earlier the better, but no later than the 11th, so be sure to plan ahead!

*If your session has expired, just send me an email and I can put them back online!

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whitney & damon

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from Whitney & Damon’s engagement session. I know there are a few, but trust me, I had so many more that I wanted to post! We had so much fun and I am in love with the pictures. Thanks guys for a great shoot! A fun fact about this session, we took all the pictures within a block or two of our apartment in Maysville, there are tons of great places and we wanted to try some of them out, check out the variety we found.
*and for those who don’t know (the very few out there), yes, this is my twin sister :) and I know, we don’t look anything alike…

loved this doorway:
my sister is gorgous:
this is part of the alley that wraps around our rowhouse, I love it!
the other side of the alley…and my favorite picture!

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exciting development #3

After working hard on the website and logo I thought I should do a little refreshing on the blog. While there are still things I would like to change, I think the header alone is a definite improvement. Let me know what you think!
*and better yet, with all these great changes, the biggest one hasn’t even arrived…I am so excited I can hardly contain it!!!!!

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